Cloris Leachman says she can't explain her Dancing with the Stars antics, however she's sorry if her unpredictable behavior has upset anyone.

"Something comes over me. I don't know what it is," the 82-year-old former The Mary Tyler Moore Show star told USA Today in a Monday report regarding her increasingly controversial antics. "If I've made people mad, I'm sorry. All my life, I've been a cut-up. I'm just having fun."

Leachman's mischievous behavior throughout the first five weeks of Dancing with the Stars' seventh season has included everything from her cursing at judges and trying to "bribe" them with cash to grabbing Dancing with the Stars co-host Samantha Harris' cue cards and interfering in her backstage interviews with the rest of the season's cast.

The antics resulted in a recent report that the show's staffers have grown tired of Leachman and want her bounced from the competition, however Dancing with the Stars executive producer Conrad Green denies that's the case.

"She's 82, but she's mischievous and has this uncanny ability to make people laugh," Green told USA Today of the benefits having Leachman on the show. "We never know what to expect with her. But that's what live TV is about."

Because contestants on Dancing with the Stars are only eliminated based on the lowest combined ranking of the show's home viewer voting and judges' leaderboard, Leachman and her professional partner Corky Ballas have been able to remain on the show finishing near the bottom of the judges' scoring of all of the ABC reality competition's first six performance rounds.

Still, Leachman says she is just as surprised as anyone that she's till in the dance competition.

"The fact that I'm still on is a (expletive) miracle," Leachman told USA Today. "I suppose [viewers] see fun and hope and happiness."