"Long Distance Dating Couple" Aja Benton and Ty White were unable to overcome a late start in The Amazing Race 13's fifth leg, resulting in the couple becoming the fifth team to be eliminated from the competition during last night's broadcast of the CBS reality series.

"I'm definitely gonna move to L.A. to be with Aja. I definitely wanna give this relationship the proper attention it deserves to try and make this relationship continue to grow," said Ty following his team's elimination.

"Ty is the most beautiful man I've ever, ever loved, inside and out," Aja added. "He has completely redefined love for me"

The Amazing Race 13's fifth episode began with the seven remaining teams leaving Summerhill, a 1,000-acre sheep farm in Auckland, New Zealand that served as the site of the Pit Stop for The Amazing Race's fourth leg.

Following the mandatory rest period, the "Separated Couple" team of Ken and Tina Greene -- who had benefited from a Fast Forward task in the previous leg to finish well ahead of the other teams -- were the first to depart at 6:03AM.

After opening their first clue, Ken and Tina were instructed to make their way to Auckland International Airport and fly 5,600 miles to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Once in Cambodia, they were told to make their way to a specific roadside gas pumping station where they would receive their next clue.

"I'm really feeling like a kid again," Ken joked prior to departing on the race's fifth leg. "I mean, what is an old man and an old woman doing out here competing? We should be home in a rocking chair. But we're having a lot of fun."

Ken and Tina were followed by  "Newly Dating Couple" Terence Gerchberg and Sarah Leshner at 8:19AM, "Divorcees" Kelly Crabb and Christy Cook at 9:32AM, "Mother and Son" Toni and Dallas Imbimbo at 10:15AM, "Brother and Sister" Nick and Starr Spangler at 11:34AM, "Fraternity Brothers" Andrew Lappitt and Dan Honig at 12:44PM, and Aja and Ty last at 3:04PM.

After arriving first to the airport, Ken and Tina were able to secure seats on a 12:25PM flight to Siem Reap through Singapore. Although they were excited that they had gotten on the earliest flight, they also worried that Terrence and Sarah may have also left the Pit Stop with enough time to get on the same flight.

However, while making their way to the airport, Terrence and Sarah encountered a brief setback when they were pulled over by police for speeding.

Despite the setback, the couple was still able to make it to the airport in time and get aboard the 12:25PM flight with Ken and Tina moments before the flight was scheduled to close its doors.

Kelly and Christy arrived at the airport and were the next to book the next available flight to Siem Reap -- which also connected through Singapore -- at 4:55PM. Toni and Dallas followed soon thereafter and were the second to book the flight. However during the booking process, Dallas was annoyed by comments between Kelly and Christy about Dallas' hair looking like "Teen Wolf."
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"Kelly and Christy irked my nerves," Dallas said after booking his flight. "They think they are God's gift to this green earth. I wonder what they would look like when they don't paint their faces in the morning."

The teams of Nick and Starr as well as Andrew and Dan -- who barely made the flight time by checking with the airline after initially being denied tickets by a travel agent -- also secured seats on the 4:55PM flight as well, while Aja and Ty arrived at the airport last and were forced to wait for the first flight the following day.

After arriving in Singapore, Ken and Tina were disappointed to learn that the 4:55PM flight from Auckland had arrived as well and that -- with the exception of Aja and Ty -- all of the teams would be traveling to Siem Reap on the same connecting flight from Singapore.

After arriving in Siem Reap, Nick and Starr were the first team to secure a taxi and get going towards the roadside station.

Toni and Dallas were the second team to grab a taxi, followed by Kelly and Christy, Terrence and Sarah, Ken and Tina, and Andrew and Dan.

While Nick and Starr had no trouble getting to the station first and received their next clue -- which instructed them to use a handpump to fill an idle truck with 25 liters of diesel fuel -- other teams did not fair as well. After noticing that Nick and Starr had taken a different route than them, Toni and Dallas discovered that their cab driver had misinterpreted the directions and taken them to a hotel. Kelly and Christy also ran into trouble when -- after much searching around their destination -- they realized they had been brought to the wrong gas station.

Despite their driver's mistake, Toni and Dallas were the second team to arrive at the pumps. They were followed by Terrence and Sarah, Ken and Tina, and Andrew and Dan, who all seemed to arrive within seconds of each other.

Kelly Christy arrived at the pumps sixth due to their driver's error.

After filling up their truck with fuel first, Nick and Starr received their next clue telling them to climb into the back of their truck and travel to Siem Reap Harbor. Once there, they were told to take a boat to Kho Andeth, a floating restaurant in the the harbor's lake.

While all the other teams had little trouble using the handpumps, Andrew and Dan had trouble getting theirs to work and had to watch other teams use their pumps before realizing that they had not been pumping fast enough.

As Andrew and Dan looked on, Toni and Dallas, Ken and Tina, Terrence and Sarah, and Kelly and Christy all filled their truck's gas tanks and left for the harbor.

After arriving in Siem Reap last and well aware that they were in last place, Aja and Ty held out hope that other teams would struggle and give them the opportunity to get back in the race.

"I'm just hoping some of these teams are starting to trip up a little bit, so you just can't give up, anything's possible," Ty said as he and Aja drove to the gas pumping station.

After finally getting their pump going, Andrew and Dan left for the harbor before Aja and Ty arrived at the station.

"It's another case of us not getting things that everyone else is getting, and we can't let that continue or we're gonna be in trouble," Dan warned Andrew as they traveled to the harbor on the back of the truck.

The teams jockeyed for position during their rides to the harbor, with Nick and Starr falling into fourth place after Starr insisted they stop for directions and Terrence and Sarah jumping into first place while Ken and Tina pushed ahead of Toni and Dallas for second and third place respectively.

Kelly and Christy arrived at the boats fifth, while Andrew and Dan arrived sixth and Aja and Ty remained in last place.

While Terrence and Sarah were the first team to reach the boats, their lead disappeared after their boat's motor died as they neared Kho Andeth and Terrence was forced to push the boat in manually.

Nick and Starr managed to be the first team to arrive at Kho Andeth first and receive their next clue, which instructed them that it was time for the leg's two Detour options: "Village Life" and "Village Work."

"Village Life" required the teams to use their boats to pick up three items from a dentist, tailor, and basketball court in the village, which floats entirely on the water and has no streets. After collecting all three items and having each team member sink of one basket at the basketball court, the team would have to deliver all three items to shore, where they would receive their next clue.

"Village Work" required the teams to take their boat to the village's fishing grounds and search through waist deep water for two traps filled with fish. After returning to shore and transferring the fish into baskets, the teams would receive their next clue.

Nick and Starr chose to do "Village Work," as did Toni and Dallas when they arrived at the restaurant in second place.

Ken and Tina arrived in third place and chose "Village Life, while -- after manually pole-pushing their boat the rest of the way to the restaurant -- Terrence and Sarah arrived in fourth place and chose "Village Work." 

Although they arrived at Kho Andeth in fifth place, Kelly and Christy fell to sixth after incorrectly traveling directly to the basketball court upon seeing Ken and Tina there.

Andrew and Dan moved into fifth place and chose "Village Work," while Kelly and Christy chose "Village Life."

Aja and Ty arrived last to Kho Andeth and chose "Village Work."

None of the teams seemed to encounter much trouble with their Detour tasks.  After becoming the first team to finish, Nick and Starr received a clue instructing them to travel to Angkor Wat -- an ancient Cambodian temple renowned for its large size.

Following Nick and Starr were Ken and Tina, Toni and Dallas, Terrence and Sarah, Kelly and Christy, Andrew and Dan, and Aja and Ty.

Upon arriving at the temple, Nick and Starr learned it was time for the leg's Roadblock, which required one team member to find the temple's "The Chamber of Echoes" room and then thump their chest in a specific spot that would make the chamber echo.

Nick, Tina, Dallas, Terrence, Christy, Andrew, and Ty each performed the Roadblock on the behalf of their teams and initially had trouble navigating their way through the large temple.

Nick was the first to complete the Roadblock and receive the leg's next clue -- which instructed the teams to travel to the Bayon Temple, another sacred Cambodian temple, and search its grounds for The Amazing Race's next Pit Stop -- but told Tina and Terrence he was still looking for the room as he exited the temple with the large stone clue hidden under his shirt.

As Tina continued to struggle to get her bearings in the temple, both Dallas and Terrence found the chamber and left for the Bayon Temple in second and third place respectively.

While Tina was the fourth person to find the chamber and receive her clue, she dropped into fifth place after Christy passed her when she got lost on her way out of the temple.  Andrew was the sixth person to find the room and complete the Roadblock task.

Nick and Starr were the first to arrive the Bayon Temple and find The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan.  As their reward, they received a 5-night vacation in the Virgin Islands.

"It just felt great, it brought me back to that first leg where we came in first place. I thought 'alright, we did it once and we did it again. It wasn't just a fluke,'" Nick said after his victory. "Starr and I are a team to be reckoned with."

Toni and Dallas followed behind Nick and Starr in second place, while Terrence and Sarah finished in third place. Ken and Tina followed in fourth place, while Kelly and Christy finished in fifth place.

After getting lost in the Bayon Temple looking for Phil and the Pit Stop, Andrew and Dan finished in sixth place.

Upon arriving in last, Phil informed Aja and Ty that they had become the fifth team to be eliminated from The Amazing Race.

While disappointed, Ty told Phil after his elimination had been revealed that the race had all but confirmed his feelings for Aja.

"I wouldn't wanna be with anyone else," he said. "This [race] only proved it to me."

Following the elimination, Phil also revealed that because Terrence and Sarah had been stopped for speeding, a 30 minute penalty would be added to their departure time for The Amazing Race's next leg. Phil added that the penalty was not added to the race's fifth leg because the penalty had not affected its outcome.

The Amazing Race 13's next episode will air Sunday, November 2 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.