Kathy Griffin may be stuck on the D-List, but the comedian apparently makes an A-List minister.

The Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List star was ordained online by the Universal Life Church and served as the minister for the Saturday wedding of Brian Anstey and Elka Shapiro at the Queens County Farm Museum, the New York Daily News reported Sunday.

"Kathy was fantastic and had us all in hysterics during the ceremony," Shapiro told the Daily News.  "We are so lucky that she agreed to marry us because it's so unusual and something we'll always remember."

Griffin flew from Los Angeles to New York for the service, which lasted 10 minutes in front of 100 guests who were -- not surprisingly -- subjected to x-rated jokes about Shapiro and Anstey's sex life.

"People asked if I was concerned that I might upstage the bride," Griffin told the Daily News. "But Elka didn't have to worry. I'm wearing a green gown I wore to the Golden Globes a few years ago - which got me on one of those 'Worst Dressed' lists!"

Shapiro and Anstey got engaged last September and wanted their wedding ceremony to be "filled with laughter," so who better to officiate than Griffin.

"Neither of us is affiliated with any particular religion, and the major factor in our relationship is laughter," Shapiro told the Daily News.

So they asked Griffin to be the minister, and she pulled a Tori Spelling and decided to get ordained for the service.

"Actually, my assistant, Tiffany, applied for the certificate on my behalf, and it took about five minutes," Griffin told the Daily News. "But I love that this couple just want to have fun. They're my kind of people.  The request came in, and how could I say no?"

Griffin's gig as a minister -- which she told the Daily News was a one-shot deal -- was filmed by Bravo for Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List's fourth season, which is scheduled to debut in June.