Coupled star Michelle Tam -- who left the show in last week's episode to reunite with her former love -- has revealed she unfortunately failed to find her happily ever after.

Although Tuesday night's Coupled episode featured the single women gushing about how they hope to find a fairytale love like Tam did with her ex-boyfriend Eran -- who surprised her on the island during filming just as she was quitting the show to go home and reunite with him -- Tam is back in the dating pool.

Tam, a 28-year-old interior decorator from New York, NY, has announced she has split from Eran, who is also the father of her young son.

"We aren't a #coupled today but we R grateful 4 the second chance on love, a fairytale moment that will live forever!" Tam tweeted recently.

In last week's episode, Tam dumped Ben Rosenfield, a 36-year-old tech entrepreneur from Chicago IL, because she thought he was too flirtatious.

As she was preparing herself to return to the Bungalows and start the dating process all over again, she realized how much she still loved her ex back home.

Tam genuinely missed Eran and acknowledged how they didn't work out due to insignificant issues. It sounded like she let go of a good guy in fear of committing to him long-term.

Tam therefore decided to leave the show and get back together with her old flame, who apparently wanted to be with her all along. But once she was ready to depart Anguilla, Eran and their child arrived on a boat to surprise her.

It was truly a heartwarming reunion that made mostly everyone in the cast cry. Although Tam was sad to leave her new friends in Mexico, she was excited to take care of unfinished business.