Corinne Olympios is definitely leaning towards appearing on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

The 25-year-old The Bachelor bachelorette revealed she's probably heading to Mexico this summer following weeks of noncommittal statements in the press, such as "I don't know," and "it's too early to tell," regarding her potential appearance.

When asked about the possibility she'll star on Bachelor in Paradise, Corinne told E! News, "Most likely, yes."

The blonde beauty added, however, "I mean, I'm still not sure yet... So [I'm] not 100 percent locked in yet."

The only thing that seems to be stopping Corinne from wanting to find love in Paradise is the fact she already has a man in the picture, a person whom she called her "special someone."

Corinne has known this mystery man from Los Angeles, whose identity she refuses to reveal, for "a long time," according to E! News.

"I've been seeing him for a little bit," she said. "I'm not ready to come out to the world about him yet. It's still in the early stages. I don't know what's going to happen, but we're vibing really nicely and everything's going well and I just want it to stay that way."

Corinne insisted the guy she's dating really "has his sh-t together."

"He supports me in everything I do," Corinne told the website. "We just get along so well. We're also like great friends. It just meshes."

Corinne has been keeping busy by launching her own Team Corn clothing line inspired by her famous one-liners from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, which wrapped earlier this year. Corinne reportedly partnered with Riot Society clothing to create shirts and tank tops with her memorable phrases -- including "Platinum Vagine," and "But First, Cheese Pasta."

Corinne admitted in February that she didn't know whether she wanted to go on Bachelor in Paradise, but her hesitancy seemed to stem from the fact she was really hoping to land her own show.

She told E! News at the time that "a lot of networks" were "interested" in giving her a The Bachelor spinoff. She also said America was interested in watching her family on TV, including her nanny Raquel.

Corinne was eliminated by Nick on Season 21 of The Bachelor after he visited her hometown of Miami, FL, and met her family.

Corinne was dubbed the villain early on when she aggressively pursued The Bachelor star by taking her bikini top off during a group date, asking Nick to lick whipped cream off her chest and attempting to seduce him inside his Bimini hotel room. The blonde bombshell constantly rubbed her fellow bachelorettes the wrong way.