The Arizona Republic reports that Survivor: The Australian Outback finalist Colby Donaldson has tentatively accepted a spot in the upcoming All-Star Survivor (also known as Survivor 8) series, which will be filmed in November and December 2003 and aired in Spring 2004. Colby thus would become the third Outback contestant added to the show, along with his final-two ally Tina Wesson and his sometime galpal Jerri Manthey.

Colby says that Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett intends to keep the location for Survivor 8 as secret as possible. Said Colby, "They said even when they know the location, you won't. If we did know the location, you can bet we'd be doing our research to figure out what goes on there to get a leg up on the competition."

Despite Burnett's desire for secrecy, early reports have placed one potential location for All-Star Survivor as the Pacific island paradise of Palau, a former U.S. protectorate in which English is widely spoken. Another possible location is an island in the former American protectorate of the Phillipines, which was also mentioned as a possible host site for an earlier episode. Thus, our hint to Colby would be to brush up on Southern Pacific aquatic life.