CMT has announced The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search's third season, which will follow 10 females competing for the final spot in the Coyote Ugly traveling troupe, will premiere Friday, March 7 at 9PM ET/PT.

The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search 3 will begin with the 10 finalists meeting in Denver, where they will live together throughout the duration of the competition. 

During each installment of the eight-episode series, the ladies will compete in various physical and mental challenges designed to test their skills as a singing and dancing bartender.  In addition, the finalists will work regularly with personal trainer Keith Bailey and vocal coach Mauli Bonner.

At the end of each episode, Coyote Ugly founder Liliana "Lil" Lovell will eliminate one of the hopefuls.  The three finalists left at the conclusion of the competition will then compete against each other for a $50,000 grand prize and the opportunity to become the sixth and final member of the Coyote Ugly group that tours the country singing and dancing on bar tops.

"It's not only about being a great bartender," said executive producer Melanie Moreau.  "This season, the competition and pressure is a lot more intense than in the past.  There's a greater emphasis on performance and their ability to entertain a crowd."

The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search is a production of CMT and Touchdown Television.  Moreau and Bob Kusbit will serve as executive producers for CMT, while Julie Christie will do the same for Touchdown Television.