Cloris Leachman is returning to the Dancing with the Stars stage, however the show's judges will be pleased to know it is only as a special guest and not as a contestant.

ABC has announced the 82-year-old former Dancing with the Stars seventh-season celebrity participant will perform with professional partner Corky Ballas during Tuesday night's live eighth-season results show broadcast.

Leachman and Ballas will offer a "sneak peek" at how to perform the argentine tango and lindyhop, both of which will be tackled by the remaining eighth-season couples during next week's performance episode.

Leachman's Dancing with the Stars seventh-season run was marked by her unpredictable behavior, which included everything from cursing the judges and trying to "bribe" them with cash to grabbing co-host Samantha Harris' cue cards and interfering in her backstage interviews with the rest of the season's cast.

After finishing near the bottom of the judges' scoring in all of the seventh season's first six performance rounds, Leachman and Ballas were finally the seventh couple ousted from the competition last fall.

Following her ouster, she made a memorable appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live by displaying wacky behavior that included removing the cushion from her guest chair, turning her backside to the audience, sitting on the floor, and pretending to sleep while being asked questions by host Jimmy Kimmel.

In addition, Leachman also joked that she had no interest in dancing with Ballas ever again.

"Never, I never liked him," she joked to Kimmel.