Clay Harbor is opening up about his premature The Bachelorette exit that left Becca Kufrin in tears, questioning whether this process will work for her.

Clay, a 30-year-old professional football player from Chicago, IL, had to eliminate himself from The Bachelorette competition after injuring his wrist during a playful football game on a group date.

Clay wanted to continue fighting for Becca's heart on the show, but doctors advised him to undergo immediate surgery in order to continue and sustain his career in the NFL.


"It was a process," Clay told NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Tuesday of his injury.

"And it was actually a very tough decision on my part, for The Bachelorette fans out there. Becca is an amazing woman and it was hard to leave. But football is my love and I've been able to play, you know, for eight years so far, going on nine, God willing. And that's my passion!"

Clay explained to Becca on the show it wasn't just about playing football, but that he also has to support his family financially.

"I take care of a lot of people, my family, and it's something I love to do. It's something that had to happen," Clay elaborated on Good Morning Football.

It's definitely ironic Clay hurt himself on the field -- but not during a professional football game.

"Obviously you can't write this stuff: The NFL football player gets hurt on The Bachelorette playing football with a male model, an accountant and a medical device salesman. Go figure!" Clay said with a laugh.


"I've played against a thousand people in my life. But yeah, it was not my best moment. I know as soon as I get back in the locker room I'll be hearing about it. So I'm not looking forward to that part, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting back on a team and playing football."

Clay also discussed how his appearance on The Bachelorette's fourteenth season, which premiered May 28, initially came about.

"It was interesting thing that happened. I had a buddy that tried out for the show, and he didn't quite make it on. And then he randomly ran into some of the casting people in the city of Chicago and was having a drink one night," Clay began.

"They asked him if he wanted to come back on the show, and he has a girlfriend now. But he said, you know, 'I have a couple friends you might like.' So he showed them pictures and they liked me. They said, 'Oh, who's that guy?' He said, 'That's my buddy Clay.' And then they started contacting me and said they could work around my schedule."

Clay continued, "So I wanted to come and see them, and then the process kept heating up and heating up until I'm walking out of the limo with 15 cameras on me, trying to find a wife."

Clay confessed walking out of the limo on Night 1 was "pretty nervewracking."

"I found myself getting a little tired and so I drank two coffees. The next thing I know, they're like, 'Alright, you're on!' You get in the limo and go, so my heart rate was [racing]... I was definitely nervous coming out of the limo, and I think it was noticeable, but I think Becca found that endearing that I was so nervous to meet her," Clay explained.

"And after getting to know her, she made everything really easy, and everything went smooth because she's just so easy to talk to and such an amazing person."

Clay's stint on The Bachelorette only lasted for several weeks, but he's apparently very happy with his behavior on the show and overall edit.

"I think I portrayed myself in the right way. I was true to myself," Clay said.

"I didn't put on a fascade or try to be somebody I'm not... I worked out a lot while I was out there and football is my first love, and that's why I left -- because I want to pursue football, I want to get back on a team, and that's what I love doing."


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