Christina Grimmie's killer Kevin Loibl was reportedly obsessed with her to the point he got surgery so she'd be attracted to him.

According to Loibl's former co-workers at Best Buy, the former Geek Squad member attempted to make himself more appealing so Grimmie couldn't resist him, and when his plan didn't work, he decided to kill her, TMZ reported.

Loibl, who shot Grimmie several times last Friday night while she was signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans after an Orlando concert, reportedly altered his appearance by getting hair transplants, losing weight through a vegan diet and undergoing Lasik eye surgery.

The co-workers said Loibl listened to Grimmie's music while at work and vowed she'd be his wife someday.

Although a source close to Grimmie told TMZ the singer never had contact with Loibl, the shooter had hinted to his co-workers he met her at one of her March shows and also played online video games with her.

The co-workers teased Loibl that he'd never date or hook-up with Grimmie because she had a boyfriend, her producer with whom there are numerous photos on social media, which made the killer furious and probably played a role in Friday night's tragedy.

Grimmie's older brother Marcus tackled Loibl to the ground after the shooting. Authorities say Loibl killed himself after his violent act.

Grimmie's funeral will be held on Friday, June 17, but it will be a private ceremony for family and close friends, the Associated Press reported. A viewing will also be held on Friday at Fellowship Alliance Chapel in Medford, NJ, with a memorial service to follow that night.

Adam Levine, who coached Grimmie on the sixth season of The Voice and led her to a third-place finish, offered to pay for the funeral expenses. Marcus revealed on Facebook that he was "blown away" by Levine's generosity, especially considering he had called his mother personally to discuss the matter.

At the young age of 22, Grimmie died from her wounds in the hospital several hours after she was shot. Police quickly identified the assailant as a "deranged fan."