Tori Kelly has released a new song that pays tribute to slain singer Christina Grimmie.

The track, entitled "Blink Of An Eye," features Kelly mourning the former "The Voice" finalist's death after she was gunned down back in June as she was signing autographs and selling merchandise following a concert in Orlando.

Authorities have identified the culprit as 27-year-old Kevin James Loibl who fatally shot himself after he was tackled to the ground by Grimmie's brother Marcus.

"I can't help but think who you would be/ If you'd just had the chance to turn 23/ It's 2 a.m., still don't believe you're gone/ And the world keeps spinning on," Kelly sings in the music video which debuted Sunday and features the former American Idol contestant performing in a dark room.

"I needed to write this song," Kelly wrote on the video's description. "My heart was [and] is still so heavy when I think of her not being with us. However, I am still comforted knowing that I'll get to see her again someday in heaven. My prayers go out to her family [and] loved ones."

"Even though this song had specific meaning, more recently I'm overwhelmed at the pain [and] the brokenness in the world today," she continued. "So this is really just me grieving. At all of it. Life is so short."

Grimmie, 22, finished in third place on "The Voice" during Season 6 after she was discovered on Youtube.