Chrissy Hofbeck is still in the running to win the $1 million grand prize on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Chrissy is a 46-year-old actuary from Bernardsville, NJ, who currently resides in Lebanon Township, NJ. She started the game as a member of the Heroes tribe called "Levu," but now she's a member of the merged tribe called Solewa.

Chrissy is an aggressive strategic player. While she played most of the game on the right side of the numbers, she found herself in trouble once Lauren Rimmer and Devon Pinto decided to make a big move and turn on the majority-seven alliance.

Now, Chrissy is on the bottom, and one of her closest allies in the game, Ben Driebergen, is plotting against her behind her back. Chrissy seems intelligent and courageous enough to work some magic and turn the game around, but if not, she'll become a member of the jury and vote for the eventual winner of the game.

Curious to learn more about this Survivor castaway and Super Fan?

Below is a list of 7 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Chrissy Hofbeck:

- Chrissy can't stand it when a person doesn't hold a fork correctly and eats like a caveman.

- She has traveled through all seven continents, and she's very proud of herself for having a bachelors degree in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a MBA degree from MIT.

- Chrissy's inspiration in life happens to be her husband and three children because she says they are amazing in every way. She also admires women in math and anyone who is afraid of something but goes for it anyway.

- If asked to describe herself in three words, Chrissy would choose mushy, happy and efficient.

- When comparing herself to a former Survivor castaway, she would choose Tai Trang because he falls in love with everyone but cuts throats when he needs to or Spencer Bledsoe, who never gave up and always looked for cracks in his tribe.

- Chrissy wanted to compete on Survivor because it's an adventure with a goal, and she was applying to get on the show for 16 years. She's also a super-competitive overachiever with a "Type A" personality.

- If Chrissy could've brought anything with her to the Survivor island, she would have picked a family photo, a blanket because she hates being cold, and tweezers.