Chris Noble is currently competing on Survivor: Ghost Island, which is the franchise's 36th season.

Chris is a 27-year-old male model from Florida Keys, who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Chris started out Survivor: Ghost Island as a member of the Naviti tribe, and they never had to go to Tribal Council until the tribal swap, which flipped his game upside down.

Not only was Chris sent to Ghost Island by the opposing tribe, but his plan to blindside and take out Domenick Abbate backfired. Chris may also find himself a target once he returns to his new tribe, since his supposed "right-hand" lady, Angela Perkins, turned against him.

Until we find out what happens next for Chris in the game considering he's not afraid to plot, lie and make big moves, let's learn more about him.

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Chris Noble:

- Chris' hobbies are traveling, sports, being a foodie, seeking adrenaline, working out and dating.

- The castaway's pet peeves are certain characteristics of people -- including lazy people, liars and manipulators.

While Chris was well aware he'd deal with such people on Survivor, he said he knows how to dish it right back. He also expected to win the title of "Most Dramatic."

- A self-motivated man, Chris' greatest accomplishment was landing a 5th Avenue Versace billboard.

It doesn't represent what he wants out of life, but he does think it was a symbol of his hard work paying off, and he found it pretty satisfying and gratifying.

- Chris owns a good-luck necklace that his mother gave him when she almost died from the effects of multiple sclerosis.

His mother was diagnosed at age 27 and welcomed Chris at age 34. But she persevered through the disease and has lived 10 years longer than the timeline doctors initially gave her.
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- If asked to compare himself to a former Survivor castaway, he would choose a mix of Ken McNickle and Michaela Bradshaw from Season 33.

Chris says he's a provider like Ken but has Michaela's fire, determination, candidness, and athletic ability. Chris also believes he'd be great and smooth with the ladies, just like Joe Anglim.