Chris Jarosz feels most of the criticism he received from the So You Think You Can Dance judges was constructive, however he also hoped some of his comments from them would have been more positive.

"I think some of the judging might have been a little bit of a surprise.  Just because I was expecting to eventually get some better comments from the judges and kind of like these past three weeks I've never gotten a, 'Oh my gosh, awesome job!'  Like a scream," he told reporters during a Friday conference call.

"Not that I ever thought I would, but I was hoping to have [So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy] going crazy at one point.  It was kind of a little bit of a bummer, but I've no regrets or anything."

The 21-year-old lyrical/contemporary dancer from Dallas, TX and his partner Comfort Fedoke found themselves among the bottom three couples based on home viewer votes cast immediately following Wednesday night's performance episode.  He was then eliminated by the show's three judges after the six dancers each performed a solo routine.

Although the fact that Jarosz and Fedoke -- a hip-hop dancer -- hail from two different backgrounds might have hurt them in the competition, he said it will ultimately help to improve his techniques in the long run.

"We're both two different styles and it was such a learning experience trying to use both of our styles to our best abilities to come together and kind of perform our best in a style that we weren't familiar with," Jarosz told reporters. 

"So, I think it's just kind of like my dancing, I think, has grown just because you have to be open to different kinds of styles and stuff like that.  And now I'm able to take a krumper and my contemporary style and come together and we're able to perform on national television, so I think I've learned a lot dealing with that."

Jarosz also echoed comments made by previously eliminated fourth-season finalist Marquis Cunningham that the competition has six contemporary dancers, the majority of which haven't faired so well so far.

"I was shocked that I made it [to the Top 20] because when we found out four had made it before me -- actually three had made it before me -- so there's kind of a lot.  I feel like they're kind of starting now to weed out the contemporary dancers so I'm not sure how many are going to be left," he explained.

"But the ones that are left are super, super, super strong, but there are also some crazy hip hop dancers that are talented in other things, that can do some contemporary stuff.  I mean you saw [Twitch Boss] do the Viennese waltz and he looked great and [Joshua Allen] was doing the samba and he's a popper.  So it's just tough, tough, tough competition."

Since he admitted he doesn't feel he was "ever ready for all the cameras, like all the interviewing and stuff like that,"  Jarosz -- a student at Dallas' Southern Methodist University -- said he's anticipating the trip home.

"I can't wait to now go home and just be with my family and stuff.  I want to take as many dance classes as I can and hopefully teach some places if people want me to teach," he said.  "I have school next year -- my senior year of college -- so I need to get done with that and just kind of start my career and this has been such a great thing to just kind of poke my head in."

It's not as though Jarosz will be lacking support, as he told reporters he has a girlfriend waiting for him back home.
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"It's definitely been tough being so far away and you have to be so focused about the show, that kind of is a secondary thing.  But, yes, I'm definitely looking forward [to seeing her]," said Jarosz.  "She's an amazing dancer.  She kind of knows what's going on.  She's not dumb.  So, yes, I can't wait to go back and see her."