Chris Harrison has confirmed next week's episode of The Bachelor will feature him an incident in which he confronts bachelorette Casey Shteamer about an undisclosed personal matter that she must then reveal to Ben Flajnik.

Harrison isn't revealing exactly what caused him to address his concerns with Shteamer, however he has revealed that a regret over how he handled last summer's situation with former The Bachelorette bachelor Bentley Williams -- the two-faced suitor who feigned affection for Ashley Hebert when they were together but repeatedly bashed her in private before eventually deciding to leave the show and break her heart -- played a role in his decision.

"This has something to do with her personal life back home and it concerned me enough to step in and talk to her about it... Some of it was related to my regret of how I handled the Bentley situation with Ashley," Harrison wrote on his Entertainment Weekly blog.

Although ABC has not divulged any specifics on the matter, the network has revealed next week's episode of The Bachelor -- which was filmed late last year -- will show Harrison "fac[ing] off with Casey S. about a bombshell disclosure she has failed to reveal to anyone," and lead to a moment where "a shocked Casey S. then must admit the truth to Ben."

Also in his blog, Harrison just stopped short of defending bachelorette Courtney Robertson's controversial  behavior in which she opted to go skinny-dipping with Flajnik during Monday night's episode of the show and reiterated both sides of the debate.

"Love her or hate her, you have to give the girl credit for doing what it takes to find time with Ben and win his heart. I wonder if the things Courtney does would upset everybody as much if she didn't follow it up with some of the stuff she says. A couple of quotes really stood out to me this week and I'm sure you noticed them too," Harrison wrote.

"When she was going to see Ben she said, 'I don't know if he's ever skinny-dipped with a model before.' Then when the good times were over she said, 'I feel like I'm winning.' Now, beyond the fact that the whole 'winning' thing wasn't very cute or funny when a messed-up Charlie Sheen said it, the fact that she keeps saying she's winning is worrisome."
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