Children's advocates are livid at a Fox TV show that seeks to trick an adopted person into missing her biological father in a lineup.

"Who's Your Daddy?" which airs Jan. 3 as a 90-minute special, will feature a young adopted woman trying to spot her biological father from a group of eight men -- seven of whom are impostors trying to convince her they are her biological father.

Eventually, she learns who her father is, but first she must interview and observe the eight men and guess which one is her birth father. If she's correct, she wins $100,000; if not, the counterfeit dad wins the money.

"It's appalling," said Linda Hageman, vice president of professional services at The Cradle, a non-profit adoption agency in Evanston. "It seems so insensitive to the adoption experience, both from the adopted person's point of view and the biological parents' point of view."

"This isn't just offensive, it's destructive," said Adam Pertman, the author of "Adoption Nation" and executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute.