Celebrity Big Brother crowned Ariadna Gutierrez the Head of Household, and then she nominated two houseguests for eviction during Wednesday night's broadcast on CBS.

After Ariadna won the HoH competition, she rocked the house by putting her initial close ally, American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth, on the chopping block with another big threat, Big Time Rush singer James Maslow.

Although Ari's alliance had previously discussed backdooring Shannon instead, the Miss Universe 2015 thought it would be best to ensure one person in this power couple would be going home.

"I'm not afraid of big moves and this has to be done," Ari noted.

"Shannon has been scheming, conniving, backstabbing, lying, and trying to blow up my game," added former The Apprentice contestant and White House staffer Omarosa Manigault. "Sometimes revenge is a dish best served cold."

The Celebrity Big Brother episode began on Day 13, with Omarosa expecting to be nominated for eviction over and over again until she's eliminated.

But former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville was frustrated Omarosa's ally, actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, went home at the prior eviction. Brandi, having children herself, didn't understand why Keshia had to go home to breastfeed -- or signed up for Big Brother in the first place.

Brandi was disappointed her majority alliance missed out on their opportunity to backdoor Shannon. 

Although Keshia attempted to throw Shannon under the bus on her way out of the house, James continued to trust Shannon, and the pair also thought entertainment reporter and star of RuPaul's Drag Race, Ross Mathews, was with them.

James and Shannon wanted to stick to their Final 4 with Ross and actress Marissa Jaret Winokur, but little did they know Ross and Marissa were both gunning for them.

Shannon noted that neither Omarosa or former NBA player Metta World Peace could win the next HoH competition.

The HoH competition, dubbed "Get Your Putt In Gear," required the participating houseguests -- minus Ross, who as the outgoing HoH was deemed ineligible to compete -- to putt a round of golf and attempt to sink three holes in the fastest time.

By this point, Omarosa had been informed that Shannon was the real target, so she was thrilled.

In the end, Ariadna won HoH with a time of 2:18:08. James was unbelievably close to winning with a time of 2:18:09. And Shannon placed third with a time of 3:04:91.

Mark said in the Diary Room that he intentionally lost the game because his strategy was to be a floater for a while. He did not want to get any blood on his hands this early or paint a target on his back.

Shannon gushed about how Ari was "the perfect person to win HoH" and she felt safe. Shannon assumed Ari was going to stick with the plan of nominating Omarosa and Metta World Peace for eviction.

Brandi worried that if Shannon was nominated for eviction right away, she'd fight very hard for the Power of Veto and potentially win it. And Ari definitely wanted Shannon gone first; she didn't want to waste her reign as Head of Household.

Ross therefore suggested they nominate Omarosa and Metta World Peace just so James and Shannon would be convinced everyone was playing along with them and then they could backdoor Shannon.

Ari, however, decided on nominating James and Shannon right away so one would definitely go home. She then got Metta World Peace in on the plan.

With this plan in motion, Ross, Brandi, Ari and Marissa solidified an alliance, and Ross said they couldn't allow anything or anyone to break them up.

It didn't take long for Shannon to realize that something was off, although she questioned if she was just being paranoid.

Shannon noticed that Omarosa and Metta World Peace were spending a lot of time with her alliance -- having fun and laughing -- and so she came to the conclusion she was being set up. Shannon also acknowledged her allies weren't talking to her or making eye contact when they did.

Shannon voiced her concerns to James about going up on the block, and James assured her that they would fight for each other if that happened.

Shannon was feeling lonely and also tired of being attacked, but James tried to convince her to remain positive, optimistic and determined. James needed her to keep it together.

James insisted to his friend there was "still game to be played" and Celebrity Big Brother was "far from over."

At the Nomination Ceremony, Shannon pointed out to her fellow houseguests how she was disappointed in them because she had been nothing but loyal and honest to her allies. Shannon also argued that she never ditched her original alliance to team up with James, despite the perception.

Shannon said she had considered herself one of seven allies and there was no side deal or Final 2 deal with James. Omarosa then accused Shannon of campaigning against her while she was in the hospital.

Ari then announced she had nominated Shannon and James for eviction because they were the biggest competitors in the house and she admired them. Ari added that her decision was nothing personal.

James was disappointed, thinking that Ari was just following Brandi's lead and orders. The episode ended with Shannon crying about how the house had been against her since Day 1 and she didn't have much fight left in her.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.