More than a month after reports that it was about to begin production first began emerging, CBS has confirmed that The Amazing Race's next edition will be an All-Stars edition featuring teams that previously competed on earlier seasons of the long-running reality show.

According to Daily Variety, which reported the CBS confirmation in its Wednesday edition, The Amazing Race's eleventh edition -- dubbed The Amazing Race: All-Stars -- began production last week in Miami and will premiere sometime in early 2007.

Despite confirming that The Amazing Race 11 will feature an All-Stars format, CBS -- presumably hoping to keep the number of international eyewitness spoiler reports to a minimum -- is not yet ready to announce which previous racers are participating in the currently-filming All-Stars edition. However, Variety, citing "insider" sources, reports that former The Amazing Race 7 and Survivor contestants Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, former The Amazing Race 7 winners Uchenna and Joyce Agu, and Dave and Mary Conley -- who finished sixth on The Amazing Race's currently airing tenth edition -- are three of the teams competing in The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

Confirming last month's quickly removed video post in which disgruntled The Amazing Race 5 winners Chip and Kim McAllister publicly whined that they weren't approached about participating in the competition, Variety also reports that Chip and Kim and former The Amazing Race 6 contestants Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller won't be among The Amazing Race: All-Stars' racers. The Amazing Race: All-Stars will also reportedly not include anyone from Fall 2005's disastrous The Amazing Race: Family Edition.

Last month,, the web site that first reported that The Amazing Race's next edition would be an All-Stars edition, stated that it had confirmed that two The Amazing Race 5 teams -- (since married) "dating couple" Colin Guinn and Christie Woods and "close cousins" Charla Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan -- would be among the unknown number of teams that will be competing in The Amazing Race's All-Stars edition.

A week later (and a day before Chip and Kim briefly released their video blog entry), former The Amazing Race 9 winners B.J. Averell and Tyler MacNiven publicly voiced their displeasure about not being selected for The Amazing Race: All-Stars in an unexpected outlet -- a "Former Racers Blog" in which B.J., Tyler, and seven of the reality show's other former contestants are supposed to offer commentary on the show's current The Amazing Race 10 edition. During their pre-orchestrated blog entry exchange, B.J. and Tyler also appeared to imply that Rob and Amber -- who also just finished filming their own Newylweds-like Fox Reality channel reality series that will premiere in January -- and Colin and Christie were two of the former Race teams selected to participate in The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

In their video, Chip and Kim -- who claimed to know the identities of "at least half" of The Amazing Race: All-Stars' teams but said they wouldn't "break their confidence" by revealing them -- also stated that in addition to themselves, B.J. and Tyler, and Jonathan and Victoria, they had also confirmed that The Amazing Race 1 winners Brennan Swain and Rob Frisbee will also not be among the teams competing in The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

Earlier this week, Internet message boards began buzzing with eyewitness reports that several former The Amazing Race teams were allegedly spotted -- with camera crews in tow -- leaving Miami International Airport on an American Airlines flight to Quito, Ecuador on Monday. In addition to "confirmed" The Amazing Race: All-Stars racers Rob and Amber and Charla and Mirna, former The Amazing Race 1 "life partners" Bill Bartek and Joe Baldassare and The Amazing Race 3 "dating couple" (and apparently still dating) Jill Aquilino and John Vito Pietanza were also allegedly waiting at the flight's gate.