Candice Glover fans won't have to wait too long to get her debut album.

19 Recordings/Interscope Records has announced Glover's debut album, which was already made available for pre-order earlier this week, will be released July 16 and called "Music Speaks," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The debut album can be pre-ordered via iTunes and Glover's newly-launched website. When a fan purchases the album through either option, Glover's first single "I Am Beautiful" can reportedly be instantly downloaded.

Following Thursday night's live Idol finale, Glover, a 23-year-old singer from St. Helena Island, SC, discussed the emotions she felt when she was first given her "I Am Beautiful" song to learn.              

"When I first heard the song, I was actually in tears because I could connect with the song so much. It's not only about a girl who's been done wrong by her ex-boyfriend, it's also about like with me, being attacked all the time and being told that you're not good enough or you're not as pretty as you should be, just people saying horrible things to you," Glover told reporters, according to Billboard

"I think that that song is a message to everybody who ever said that to me, as well as all these girls who are growing up and feeling like they're not beautiful. I think it connects with a lot of people in their hearts. So I loved it. And like [Mariah Carey] said, it was a little bit more pop than I was used to, but I definitely did what I could to put myself in there at the same time."

While Glover's album-release date is only two months away, the newly-crowned American Idol champion hasn't really started working on it yet.

"Actually the only song that I've recorded is the one that I performed when I won the show... That's the only one I have right now, but I know that I'm ready to work," Glover reportedly noted.