U.S. pop star Britney Spears was filmed for three months for a documentary called "Britney: For the Record" to air on MTV, the network announced Friday.

The 90-minute special is to run Nov. 30.

"Britney granted access to the award-winning team at @radical.media to tell her side of the story in her own words," MTV said in a news release.

"MTV has had a long history with Britney Spears and our support for her has been unwavering," Tony DiSanto, executive vice president of series development for MTV, said in a statement. "We are thrilled she has chosen MTV as the exclusive outlet to share the intimate details of her personal journey for the first time ever."

"So much has gone on over the last couple of years and there's a lot that people don't know about me that I want them to know," Spears said. "I wanted to make this film because I started to feel like I wasn't being seen in the light that I wanted to be seen in. This is an opportunity to set the record straight and talk about what I've been through and where I'm headed."