Susan Boyle's publicist said the singer resumed performing as part of the "Britain's Got Talent" concert tour after canceling two appearances so she could rest.

The 48-year-old "Talent" runner-up was hospitalized for exhaustion for several days after the show's finale last month.

Although she performed with other "Talent" finalists at three concerts last Friday and Saturday, she canceled two others Sunday after she was advised to get some rest.

Boyle returned to the stage Monday night in her native Scotland and was greeted by thunderous applause from about 6,000 fans, her publicist told

"Halfway through the first song they were on their feet giving her a standing ovation, and they remained on their feet the whole way through," the representative said.

"They were cheering her on. And she was ecstatic with the performance. She was really, really happy with how it went. ... "(She is) doing what she loves doing best, and that's singing."

Boyle's first album is expected to be released by Christmas, said.