Bravo has announced Better Half, a new reality competition series that will pit the romantic partners of two trained professionals against one another, is scheduled to premiere in October 2007.

Each episode of Better Half will feature the significant others of two trained professionals who hail from a variety of creative industries, such as comedy, party planning, or hairstyling.  The professionals will have two days to teach their partner all there is to know about their job in order to best prepare them for a final challenge against the opposing "better half."

Once the training is over and the final challenge complete, three judges known for being the best in their respective industries will assess how well each couple performed to determine that week's winner.  Better Half will be hosted by Curb Your Enthusiasm star Susie Essman, who will also shadow the couples to monitor their progress.

"Better Half puts a new spin on Bravo's reality competition programs that explore creative professions," said Frances Berwick, Bravo's executive vice president of programming and production. "It's a fresh perspective to see the process of a specialist teach a novice their trade and see inside of that creative profession. There's also the added drama of the experts training their partners. I don't know many people who like having their spouse tell them what to do. "

Bravo announced last September that it had signed a deal with IMG Media to produce Better Half, which had previously been developed under the title War of the Wives.  Susan Horowitz and Steve Mayer will serve as executive producers for Better Half, with David Snyder serving as co-executive producer for IMG.