Bravo has announced it has ordered 10 new reality series and will be expanding its original primetime programming to seven nights a week beginning this fall.

"Our brand offers a unique environment for our viewers to escape with drama that is fun and funny, yet far from their normal reality," Bravo executive Jerry Leo said in a statement.

"By doubling down on noisy formats and big characters, expanding our lifestyle programming in the design and home space, and offering seven nights a week of originals, we'll be able to serve our fans more of what they crave while also attracting new viewers with our wide scope of programming."

The 10 new series -- five of which only currently have working titles -- are Thom and Carson Project, Mexican Dynasties, Untitled San Antonio Project, Married to Medicine Los Angeles, Welcome to Waverly, Unanchored, Backyard Envy, Buying it Blind, Flipping Exes, and Sweet Home.

Thom and Carson Project, which is the working title, will star former Queer Eye stars Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia as they "help fight the uniformity and ubiquity of American home design," according to the network.

In this new series, Thom will take Carson under his wing to teach him interior design by channeling Carson's impeccable sense for fashion. The duo will create beautiful yet affordable home re-designs for their clients using their expert skills and endearing charm fans got to know on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Thom and Carson Project is being produced by Critical Content and Free Range Media with Thom, Carson. David Metzler, Tom Forman, Jon Beyer, Jason Hollis, and Grace Lee-Toumanidis serving as executive producers.

Under the working title Mexican Dynasties, this new show will put a spotlight on the private yet high-society world in Mexico City by focusing on three rich family dynasties that have made a fortune in either the entertainment, beverage or luxury-car company industries.

This reality series, produced by Shed Media and Campanario Entertainment, will reveal these successful, multigenerational families' luxurious and over-the-top lifestyles. The families have also known each other for decades.

Pam Healey, Lisa Shannon, and Jaime Davila are serving as executive producers.

Untitled San Antonio Project -- produced by Adjacent Productions and PSG Motion Pictures, with Bill Fritz and Anna Rodzinkski serving as executive producers -- will follow a tight-knit group of women and their families living in San Antonio, TX.

These families are affluent and sophisticated U.S. citizens or recently-naturalized citizens of Mexican decent. They live in upscale, gated communities and pride themselves on their roots, but these women also face challenges trying to adapt to U.S. culture.

Married to Medicine: Los Angeles expands the popular series to the West Coast.
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Produced by Freemantle North America with Matt Anderson and Nate Green serving as executive producers, the Los Angeles spinoff will star doctors working by day and walking red carpets at night.

A group of friends in an exclusive medical community will be shown living, working and playing -- but the ladies "never truly know who's real and what's fake," according to Bravo.

Welcome to Waverly will feature a diverse group of people from America's biggest cities moving to Waverly, Kansas, where they will live and work alongside some traditional locals.

The show will spotlight a clash of American cultures, complete with preconceived notions. Will the cast members be divided or like-minded? Bravo teases the fish out of water will be "hilarious" and "quite surprising."

Welcome to Waverly is being produced by Our House Media with Matt Hanna, Simon Lloyd, Joe Houlihan, Jen Morton and Paul Storck serving as executive producers.

Under the working title Unanchored, the new docu-reality series will follow a group of best friends as they embark on their next travel adventure -- an exclusive floating festival in the Bahamas where they'll join 30 yachts.

The group will boldly leave their significant careers behind to travel and embrace a subculture of elaborate costumes, eccentric rules, and hallowed traditions.

Unanchored is being produced by Evolution Media and executive produced by Douglas Ross, Alex Baskin and Bill Langworthy.

Backyard Envy, the show's working title, will chronicle "manscapers" in a New York City exterior design and landscaping firm who specialize in full outdoor renovation design.

From rooftops in Manhattan to backyards in the suburbs, the series will star James DeSantis, Garrett Magee, and Melissa Brasier as they transform barren outdoor spaces into lush oases. However, this dynamic trio will be put to the test as they must juggle tight deadlines, multiple clients and each other.

Backyard Envy is being produced by World of Wonder and Renowned Films with Fenton Baily, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell, Todd Radnitz, Brian Robel, Max Welch, Tim Withers, and Duane Jones serving as executive producers.

Buying it Blind, produced by Kinetic Content, will follow different couples who can't decide -- or at least can't agree -- on what type of home to buy.

Once they reach a breaking point, the couples will decide to blindly hand their decision and entire budget over to a team of three industry experts, who will be responsible for making the right choice.

The expert team will choose the property for the buyer, who will not be able to view it before purchase. The expert team must then renovate the home to hopefully create each couple's dream home.

Chris Coelen, Katie Griffin, Eric Detwiler, Robert Zimmerman and Jennifer Faison Herron are serving as executive producers.

Flipping Exes will star a real-life ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend, Nina Klemm -- a local realtor with high-end properties -- and Michael LeSure, working together to launch a house flipping business in Carmel, Indiana, which is nicknamed "the Beverly Hills of the Midwest." The show will mix real estate with a little comedy.

Flipping Exes is being produced by Rock Shrimp Productions with Bobby Flay, Kim Martin, Danielle Medina and Rene Rainey serving as executive producers.

Sweet Home will follow Jennifer Welch and her design business as she and her team -- Alex, Sarah and Sabah -- take on residential and commercial clients across Oklahoma City.

In each hour-long episode, viewers will see a project come together as Jennifer "delivers sophisticated designs with the vision, passion, and sharp wit that she is known for," according to Bravo, while living with her ex-husband Josh and raising their growing boys. The series also features Jennifer's funny gal-pal, Angie "Pumps" Sullivan.

Sweet Home is being produced by Evolution Media with Douglas Ross, Alex Baskin, Brian McCarthy and Jen Morton serving as executive producers.

In addition to the 10 new shows, Bravo also announced the renewal of 13 existing reality series.
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