Fasten your seatbelts.

Taxicab Confessions, a docu-drama series in which clueless cab passengers spin stories and dish sultry secrets that are caught on hidden camera, was recently acquired by Bravo.  The basic cable network obtained nine episodes of the show in a deal with HBO, according to Frances Berwick, executive vice president of programming and production at Bravo.

"Taxicab Confessions was ground-breaking as one of the original reality series," said Berwick. "This award-winning show was raw, moving and shocking while at the same time poignant in its portrayal of urban lifestyles."

Taxicab Confessions originally premiered on HBO in January 1995 with tales that included an off-duty trauma cop reliving a death he witnessed, a homeless man discussing his downfall and a young woman talking about the joys of having her body pierced.  The inaugural episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series.  Over the past eleven years, a dozen episodes of the show filmed in both New York City and Las Vegas have aired on HBO, with the most recent one premiering in January 2006.   Other confessions divulged by taxicab passengers over the years include everything from an AIDS victim coping with his impending death to a pair of female strippers in love and on their way to a drive-thru wedding.

The one-hour series will make its Bravo premiere on Friday, December 29 with three back-to-back episodes beginning at 11PM ET/PT.  Bravo will also run a New Year's Eve marathon and fourth original episode of Taxicab Confessions on Sunday, December 31 beginning at 12:30AM ET/PT.