Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess have been the target of dating rumors since Dancing with the Stars kicked off last month, so what's the status of their relationship now that they've gotten to know each other better?

"I have to say that it's frustrating and it's flattering at the same time that the fans want so badly for Bonner and I to be a couple!" Sharna wrote in her Us Weekly blog.

"It's nice to know that people are so invested in both Bonner and me that they want to see us together. That's adorable and I love that! I've become very aware of the term 'shipping!'"

The term "shipping" is a slang word that means "to endorse a romantic relationship."

However, Sharna is standing by the fact she and the professional bull rider-turned-model have a platonic relationship as they continue to compete on Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars.

"Yes, we look great standing next to each other -- as anyone would, he's a gorgeous man -- but we are just friends! Sorry!" Sharna confessed.

"I know there are showmances and there are real romances on the show, but probably to my detriment, I think I'm too much of a professional to ever cross the line to any of my partnerships being anything more than coach and student."

But the pro ballroom dancer apparently hasn't ruled out the possibility of dating Bonner in the future. After all, the couple has amazing chemistry on and off the stage.

"At the end of the day, if you're meant to be together, it can still happen after the season!" Sharna teased. "And although the 'are they or aren't they' is cute, I get it, I don't ever want that to distract from the great work Bonner is doing."

Sharna and Bonner have shot down dating rumors before, but that doesn't mean their fans are giving up.

When Sharna first met Bonner on his ranch, a producer pointed out that the Australian beauty was "blushing." In turn, Bonner later told Entertainment Tonight that when he looked out under the brim of his hat and saw the fiery redhead in her denim jeans and white crop top, she "took my breath away, man."

Bonner was even worried about being distracted by Sharna's beauty during their first dance together on Dancing with the Stars.
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"I was telling her before we started tonight, 'I can't look at you for too long. I might get distracted. That's why I might miss some of my steps.' She's obviously beautiful," the cowboy had told People when the season began.