Blake Lewis is apparently optimistic about his future footing in the music industry.

"I have a new manager and she is killing it for me. Things are finally coming to order," Lewis wrote Wednesday on his MySpace blog.

"There is a new record deal in the works, just looking over the final papers and within the next couple weeks I will be in the hands of someone who believes in my art. I am very blessed."

In June, the American Idol sixth-season runner-up had been dropped by Arista Records -- the Song BMG-owned RCA Music Group record label that released his "Audio Day Dream" debut album late last year.

Despite the lack of a record label, Lewis still spent two weeks in October touring the east coast with his band.

"I love being on tour," wrote Lewis.  "We had our work cut out. No days off, Not many showers were had. This is where its at. Life on the road. Touring with my brothers... It was great to see all the fans and hang out after each show. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on tour."

In addition, Lewis is currently working on a side project with drummer Kevin Sawka.

Dubbed Orchestral Drive-By, Lewis described the "duo production project" as " a cross between the moodiness of Massive Attack, The funky Glitch of edIT and the songwriting and format of Zero 7."

"I cant wait for you guys to hear what we're coming up with in the studio," wrote Lewis.  "Music will be up with in the next month."