Big Brother evicted Ovi Kabir only for him to stay in the house due to a game-changing twist the first of its kind called "Camp Comeback," and then Jack Matthews was crowned the new Head of Household during Wednesday night's Season 21 episode on CBS.

Ovi, a 22-year-old college student from Oakridge, TN, who currently resides in Knoxville, TN, was evicted from the Big Brother house through a unanimous vote instead of Kathryn Dunn, a 29-year-old digital marketing executive from Irving, TX, who currently resides in Dallas, TX.

However, the new Camp Comeback twist allows the first four evicted houseguests to remain in the house under a new set of rules until one of them is able to win his or her way back into the original game for $500,000.

In addition, Jack, a 28-year-old fitness trainer from Chicago, IL, who currently resides in Tampa, FL, won the season's second Head of Household competition.

The Big Brother broadcast began with host Julie Chen announcing a game-changing twist that would unfold later in Wednesday night's episode.

"Tonight, for the first time ever, the evicted houseguest will not be heading home. Instead, [he or she] will continue to live inside the Big Brother house. This is a twist that is going to change everything," Julie revealed.

Footage then flashed back to Day 12 after the Veto Meeting in which the Head of Household, Christie Murphy, had placed Ovi on the chopping block next to Kathryn after Sam Smith had won the Power of Veto and used it to save Cliff Hogg III.

Christie went against her own alliance in not choosing to put up Kemi Faknule, but she wanted to play her own game and do what was best for herself.

Christie said she ended up nominating Ovi because no one in the house knew where he stood and he'd be an easy person to get out. As for Kathryn, Christie thought she'd be easy to manipulate and serve as a voting number for her alliance.

Kathryn felt her odds to stay against Ovi were better than being on the block with Cliff, but she still needed to campaign -- and that's exactly what Ovi planned to do as well.

Christie then told both Kathryn and Ovi they were pawns because she honestly didn't know which person was going to be voted out. Christie swore to Kathryn she'd be safe, and during her conversation with Ovi, he broke down into tears which really upset her.

Afterward, Jack admitted that although Christie didn't follow their plan to target Kemi, Ovi was on their "hit list" as well and so he wouldn't mind seeing him go.

Ovi was then shown talking to all the houseguests, trying to convince them to vote out Kathryn. Ovi insisted he'd have people's backs going forward.

But Holly Allen acknowledged Ovi was the target and all Kathryn had to do was sit back and relax.

Kat, however, grew extremely paranoid and went around the house asking different groups of people, "Are you b-tches conspiring against me?!"

Christie's alliance noted it was almost as if Kathryn was asking to leave.

"For the 400th time, you're not going anywhere," Jackson Michie vented to members of his alliance about Kathryn.

Michie later said in the Diary Room, "Kat has been spiraling ever since she got on the block. Kat has clearly started to annoy me and is rubbing a lot of other people the wrong way too. It's a lot to think about and reconsider because she might be the better choice to send home."

After Ovi heard from Nick Maccarone that the house was going after him, Ovi sat down with Jack and Michie to have a conversation because Ovi assumed they had a lot of "sway" in the house.

Ovi then explained he could serve as a shield for the two strong guys because he had won the "Nightmare" power, which affords him the chance to change a Head of Household's nominations after the Nomination Ceremony one time over the course of six weeks.

"If you keep me safe this week, next week, if somebody tries to put you guys up, I will use my power to bring you guys down," Ovi said. "You guys are guaranteed safety for next week, and if I go, the power goes with me."

Ovi told the guys if they wanted to win the game, he was handing them an advantage.

Ovi's strategy seemed to backfire, however, because Jack told Michie that they needed to absolutely send Ovi backing in order to eliminate his power and wipe it off the board.

But Michie wasn't so sure that would be their best move since it was "naive" to think their Gr8tful alliance would last until the Final 8.

Michie predicted a few houseguests -- such as Kemi, Jessica Milagros or Nicole Anthony -- would take their shot at the guys at the first opportunity, so they had some thinking to do.

"He just folded his hand and gave us his cards," Michie told Jack, before admitting Ovi's power was "huge" and could benefit them.

Once it became time for the live eviction, Ovi said he wasn't ready to leave his family yet and could make some killer cookies. He promised that he brought loyalty to the table. Kathryn also promised to remain loyal to those who were loyal to her.

Ovi received votes from all 12 houseguests, including Analyse Talavera, Tommy Bracco, and Isabella Wang.

But just as Ovi was hugging people and saying goodbye, a "Camp Comeback" announcement was made and all of the houseguests were asked to gather in the living room again.

"You're all about to deal with something no houseguest has ever dealt with before. For the first time ever, the evicted houseguest will not be leaving the Big Brother house," Julie explained to the cast.

"Instead, they will continue to live with you inside the house as members of 'Camp Comeback.' Camp Comeback members are out of the game. They will not compete in any challenges, they will not participate in any ceremonies, and they will not vote."

The evicted houseguests will apparently live in a separate cabin from their houseguests upstairs that is "far from comfortable" but be able to continue their social game.

Julie concluded that one of the first four houseguests sent packing will eventually earn his or her way back into the game and continue to compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

After the announcement was made, David Alexander -- the first evictee of the summer -- also re-entered the house. He had been sequestered since his exit from the game.

Everyone cheered once David returned, but the houseguests were also clearly shocked and a bit nervous.

The second Head of Household of the summer then commenced live and was dubbed "BB Fireworks Quiztacular" in honor of the Fourth of July.

As the outgoing HoH, Christie was deemed ineligible to compete. Ovi and David were also unable to take part in the competition.

The participating houseguests were required to watch a series of fireworks displays. After each round of fireworks, Julie would ask a question about what they just saw. The players had to answer "Red," "White" or "Blue."

If a player got the answer wrong, he or she would be eliminated from the competition. The last person standing would become the next Head of Household.

The competition came down to Jack and Jessica, and in the end, Jack won HoH.

After the competition, Ovi told Julie from "Camp Comeback" he wasn't bitter about his eviction and had love for everybody in the house. David also noted the first person he'd like to talk to was Jack.
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