Big Brother featured the Head of Household, Holly Allen, nominating Kathryn Dunn for eviction after Nick Maccarone won the Power of Veto and used the power on himself during Wednesday night's Season 21 episode on CBS.

After Nick won the Power of Veto, Holly was forced to name a replacement nominee.

Holly decided to put Kat on the chopping block next to Sam Smith as a pawn, but the girls -- who had a secret Final 2 alliance -- allowed the house to think they are against each other and at odds in order to hide their relationship.


The Big Brother broadcast began where Sunday night's episode had left off, with the Head of Household, Holly, having nominated Nick Maccarone and Sam on Day 38 for eviction.

The Six Shooters alliance wanted Nick and Sam gone, and so Holly said she was willing to be the driving force behind their goal. Holly also wanted to get rid of her former Unde9able allies.

Nick and Sam figured they'd be targets following Isabella Wang's ouster, but Sam was really sad.

Nick told Sam that best case scenario, they'd pick Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg and Jessica Milagros to play in the Power of Veto Competition. The guys were hoping one of them would be taken off the chopping block and then the replacement nominee would go home.

However, Nicole and Cliff had different plans, as they wanted nominations to stay the same in fear one of them -- as well as Jessica and Kathryn Dunn -- would be the replacement nominee.

It therefore seemed like no one was going to win the veto and use it on Sam or Nick.

Nicole had slight hope the Six Shooters might backdoor one of their own, and Cliff said that's what he's been waiting for all along.

"It's not lost. We just have to be patient, I think," Cliff told Nicole and Jessica.

But Kathryn had a Final 2 deal with Holly, so Kat suggested to the HoH and Christie Murphy that Holly should put her on the chopping block if Sam or Nick ended up winning the veto.


Kat explained she would cry and act distraught -- only to survive the eviction with flying colors.

"Why not volunteer to be a pawn to be able to hide that relationship that I have with [Holly]?" Kat said in the Diary Room. "That way, no one will know how close we are and it also looks like I'm doing her side of the house a favor."

Holly called Kat's plan "genius" and couldn't wait to follow through with it because it would keep her hands squeaky clean, but Kat demanded the girls better not vote her out of the house.

Kat considered herself a genius for a brief moment, but she also worried in the back of her mind the plan might backfire.

It then became time to pick players for the Veto competition. In addition to the HoH, Holly, and the two nominees, Sam and Nick, the following houseguests were picked to play: Tommy Bracco, Cliff and Jessica.

Cliff had been Sam's houseguest choice because Sam believed Cliff would take him off the block if given the chance. And Jessica was Nick's houseguest choice.

The Veto Competition, dubbed , required the players to compete in head-to-head matches and herd a certain number of sheep -- real, live, adorable sheep -- into their respective pens.

Each sheep was labeled with a number, and the goal was to herd the sheep whose numbers would add up to a certain number in each round. For example, if the number 10 was chosen, a player could herd two sheep wearing the number 5.

Names were drawn to determine the two people in each matchup, and the loser of each faceoff would be eliminated. After a series of rounds, the last person standing would win the Power of Veto.

The sheep ran around like crazy, so the task proved to be more challenging than the houseguests thought.


After Nick beat Holly in the competition, the final round came down to Nick vs. Tommy, and in the end, Nick won the veto.

Nick was exhausted during that final round, but he did it for Bella. He didn't want to follow his love out of the house.

Nick was excited the Six Shooter were "going to sweat a little bit," but Sam was really disappointed he wasn't able to win. However, Sam wasn't going to roll over and die, and he planned to try to stay.

Holly admitted it was going to be a serious decision for her to decide whom to put on the block next to Sam once Nick takes himself off.

Holly then chatted with Christie, Analyse Talavera, and Jack Matthews about whom to nominate next. Holly's allies suggested Nicole, but Kat was still an option for Holly.

Sam felt like he was "a dead fish in the water," but he attempted to convince Holly to put a threat on the block or someone with a lot of baggage.

Sam told Holly that he had "no beef" with her at all and they could figure out a way he could benefit her game.

Sam reminded Holly that Nicole had tried to play both sides of the house, but Holly said she was the only person to cause any drama thus far.

Sam was fine with Nicole going up because it would give him a chance to campaign and potentially stay, and Holly told Sam to his face they could work together down the road.

Holly didn't want to be the one to take a shot at the big threats this early, but she thought Sam might be a really good ally for her in the house when the time comes to make a big move.


"Maybe he could be the one to fire those shots," Holly said in the Diary Room, suggesting Sam might do her dirty work for her later in the game and she could hide behind him.

Holly told Christie and Tommy that Nicole had made waves and she might be the better target this week, but Christie argued Nicole wasn't a threat because she wasn't able to win anything and could easily go next week.

Tommy and Christie wanted Sam to go, and they were confused why Holly was suddenly singing a different tune. Christie said she was either "out of the loop" or "something fishy" was going on.

But Tommy told Holly that he would do whatever she wanted considering she's HoH.

"She has other reasons she doesn't want to tell us," Tommy told Analyse and Christie after the conversation.

"Can I be honest? I feel like we're being played," Christie said.

"For Holly to push keeping Sam," she told the camera, "it's a little bit of a red flag to me. Because if [Jackson Michie] and Holly decide they want to build a little army to eventually try to break away from the Six Shooters, it's brilliant but it terrifies me."

Christie told Tommy and Analyse that Holly and Sam clearly had made some deal and she wasn't just being paranoid, but Analyse didn't appreciate the pair coming up with "conspiracy theories."

"This could drastically affect our alliance," Analyse complained in the Diary Room.

Analyse then informed Holly and Michie about Christie and Tommy's suspicions. Michie was angry Christie was even weighing out her options to begin with.

Michie wanted to clear the air immediately and squash any concerns Christie and Tommy had, but Holly and Analyse didn't want him to.

Michie then approached Christie and Tommy because he didn't like people saying Holly and himself were working with Nick and Sam since both guys were huge threats in the game.

"I especially don't like that these rumors are coming from the mouths of people in my own alliance," Michie vented in a confessional.

Michie first told Christie and Tommy that he was not sharing this HoH with Holly -- that it was all hers and the decisions she was making were all her own.

Holly was mad at Michie for talking to Christie and Tommy when she didn't want him to. Holly then admitted Analyse had informed them there was paranoia, but Christie insisted she supported every decision Holly planned to make.

Christie was so upset Analyse had blabbed her concerns about this eviction. Christie said she needed to smooth things over before this became more of a crisis.

Holly said Analyse also noted people were comparing Holly and Michie to Nick and Bella, which pissed Holly off because this HoH reign was entirely about what she wanted to do.

"We're not a package deal, homegirl, and that really pissed me off," Holly said of Analyse.

Holly believed Christie and Tommy and determined she needed to be wary of Analyse and keep an eye on her because she might've been planting little seeds around the house.

Michie then confronted Holly and told her not to bark orders at him like a dog. Michie said he had a mind and voice of his own and could use them whenever he wanted.

Holly explained she was just really stressed out, and then she told Michie and Kat that Analyse was being "sneaky" and she didn't like it at all. Analyse became an option for Holly in that moment for the chopping block.

It then became time for the Veto Meeting. After Nick used the Power of Veto on himself, Holly decided to name Kat the replacement nominee.

Holly announced Kat was her choice because they didn't talk a lot of game and she didn't know where Kat's head was at.

"Conspiring b-tch," Kat said on her way to taking a seat.


But as fans are well aware, Holly and Kat are in this together and it was all an act.

Nick was praying Sam would stay, but Holly felt Kat was a pretty safe pawn and Sam should be leaving this week. Holly just thought it was too early to make any sudden moves and potentially force a crack in her Six Shooters alliance.

Sam was disappointed and definitely felt he was the target, but he hoped to rally votes in his favor and make Kat spiral out of control with paranoia to hopefully paint the target on her back instead.

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