Big Brother evicted Kevin Schlehuber from the house and determined Season 19's final three houseguests during Thursday night's live eviction broadcast on CBS.

Kevin, a 55-year-old stay-at-home dad from Boston, MA, was evicted from the Big Brother house over Josh Martinez via a 1-0 vote after being nominated for eviction by Paul Abrahamian, the week's Head of Household.

With the HoH and two eviction nominees ineligible to vote and only four houseguests left in the Big Brother house, Kevin's eviction was determined solely by Christmas Abbott.

Big Brother's Thursday night episode picked up shortly after where Wednesday's special eviction episode had left off -- with Paul, who had won the HoH competition on Wednesday night's episode, nominating Kevin and Josh for eviction at the nomination ceremony.

"The pool for nominations was pretty slim," Paul noted. "The importance of this week lies in the Power of Veto competition, and with that I wish you all the best of luck."

Afterward, Big Brother checked in with the season's jury members and showed footage of recently evicted houseguests Matt Clines, Jason Dent, Raven Walton, and Alex Ow arriving at the jury house and joining Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, and Cody Nickson.

During the footage, the jury members argued about Paul's behavior in the house during the season.

"Essentially they wanted Josh to win, because they wanted him to take that shot [at me] because Paul wants our jury votes," Alex explained as she showed the jury footage of the HoH competition that led to her eviction.

"He's going to get second place," Mark replied.

"He said... I can't ruin my jury vote," Alex said as she told the jury members Paul's explanation for why he didn't use his PoV win to save her from eviction.

"We'll show you jury votes pal," Jason vowed.

"I'm pissed," Alex replied.

"You can't vote for that [censored] in the end," Jason told Alex.

"It's the game," Alex shrugged.

"Oh my God," Jason lamented.

"Yeah! It is the game.  I agree with you Alex, 100%," Raven interjected as Mark shook his head.

Jason also learned, much to his surprise, that his ally Alex had not been aware of the plans for his blindside eviction.

"I feel pretty bad about even thinking and not hugging her on the way out," Jason said.  "But at the same time, Alex got evicted because [of the] same reason I got evicted, because we couldn't trust our third leg in the partnership [Paul]."

In addition, Raven clashed with most of the other jury members when she insisted her alliance with Paul had been the season's genuine alliance and she had been the season's "puppetmaster" -- a title the rest of the jury members (minus Matt, her showmance partner) found ridiculous given they felt she had done nothing during the game.

"Actually, I want Paul to go to the end," Raven said.

"Why do you want Paul to go to the end?" Jason asked.

"Because I've been working with Paul the entire time," Raven replied.

"Paul's been working with everyone the entire time!" Elena said.

"No, Matt and I and Paul, we had an alliance together," Raven insisted.

"We had the same alliance," Mark interjected.

"We knew about everyone's alliance.  But the one that Paul really cared about was Matt and myself," Raven replied.

"Why are you two sitting here then?" Jason asked.

"They said Alex was the puppetmaster -- I think they figured out it was [really] me and Paul," Raven said, generating laughs and sighs from the other jury members. "Maybe not Paul, but I was pulling some strings because I knew what was going on."

"This is hilarious!" Elena shouted.

"I've never heard anyone say they were a puppetmaster and win nothing," Mark told Raven later. "You guys did absolutely nothing but play house! In the freaking Big Brother house!  And then you want to say you're Big Brother's puppetmaster?!"

"I was playing a great social game!" Raven insisted.

"How good you feel about the game you played blows my mind... You say 'puppetmaster' like you contributed to game and it just bugs me as a competitor and Big Brother fan," Mark vented.

"I was helping Paul pull string," Raven replied.

"Everybody was!" Mark said, prompting nods from the other jury members.

Afterward, the episode' focus returned to the Big Brother house and Paul, Christmas, Josh, and Kevin were shown competing in the season's final Power of Veto competition. 

Paul won the PoV competition, which was a memory challenge that required the houseguests to remember what day certain events had occurred in the Big Brother house. 

Afterward, Paul reassured Kevin that he would not be getting voted off if he were left on the eviction block with Josh. 

However, Kevin still tried to get Paul to use the PoV to nominate Christmas in his place, arguing that Christmas would beat Paul in a jury vote while Paul would comfortably beat Kevin in a jury vote.

But Paul still opted to leave his nominations unchanged at the subsequent PoV ceremony -- leading to the eviction ceremony in which Kevin was voted out of the house.

Big Brother's next episode will air Friday, September 15 at 8PM ET/PT and feature the three remaining houseguests reminiscing about the season and beginning Part 1 of the three-part final HoH competition.  Big Brother Season 19 will then conclude with a two-hour live finale broadcast on Wednesday, September 20 at 8PM ET/PT.