Big Brother featured a double eviction in which Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy were sent packing from Season 21 during Thursday night's live episode on CBS.

Jessica's eviction was followed by a live Head of Household competition won by Nicole Anthony, a set of nominations in which Tommy Bracco was also put on the chopping block next to Christie, a live Veto competition won by Cliff Hogg, and then finally a second eviction that sealed Christie's fate.

"[Jackson Michie] is going to win. He deserves it, he's amazing. He's winning comps. He's actually a genius; I don't think he's as dumb as he says," Christie told Big Brother host Julie Chen in her live post-eviction interview.


Big Brother 21 - Episode 32

The  jam-packed Big Brother broadcast began on Day 76 with the Head of Household, Michie, saying his goal for the week was to get Jessica out, which would leave the house with duos.

Michie and Holly Allen had a Final 4 deal with Cliff and Nicole, and Michie also thought he and his girlfriend were in good standing with Tommy and Christie.

Michie thought both sides of the house would move forward with Holly and himself while taking shots at each other, but he acknowledged this plan would only work as long as no one found out he was playing the middle.

Michie told Holly it would be crucial to not let either of the other duos get paranoid or "spooked."

Christie then talked to Cliff about how Michie made everyone think he was working with them, and Cliff agreed. Christie revealed Michie and Holly had promised loyalty to Tommy and herself.

Cliff wasn't exactly surprised to hear this news, but he felt it was still crucial to stick with Michie and Holly on the next vote. Cliff then ran back and informed Michie that Christie had thrown him under the bus.

Michie reiterated how he and Holly definitely had a Final 4 plan with Cliff and Nicole, and so Cliff seemed to feel secure.

Holly said in a confessional she always knew Christie would be in a problem, and so she and Michie determined Holly must win the next Head of Household competition since Michie would be ineligible to play.

Julie then announced to the house there would be no jury "Battle Back Competition" this season but a double eviction was about to commence. The houseguests were about to experience a week of Big Brother in one night.


The night kicked off with Jessica and Cliff giving their speeches before the first eviction. Jessica said on Day 79 she'd love to stay and keep fighting, while Cliff wasn't ready to go home because he loved the game so much.

Jessica was then evicted through a 4-0 unanimous vote.

"I think I'll see [Michie] coming out the door on this next [vote]," Jessica told Julie following her ouster. "Oh yeah!... That's a very educated guess."

Jessica added the house had made the wrong decision unless they're working with Michie.

The first Head of Household competition of the night was dubbed "On Thin Ice."

The competition required the participating houseguests -- minus Michie, who as the outgoing HoH was deemed ineligible to compete -- to build an ice-rink puzzle and then hit a ball with a hockey stick across the rink in attempt to score a goal.

The first person to score his or her goal would become the new Head of Household, and that person ended up being Nicole, who was totally thrilled about her victory.

Nicole only had a few minutes to strategize before making her live nominations.

Nicole and Cliff immediately agreed on a decision, and then Nicole was shown breaking the news to Christie in private that she'd probably see herself on the chopping block but must keep the faith.


At the live Nomination Ceremony, Nicole disclosed she had decided to nominate Christie and Tommy for eviction and it was "nothing personal." Nicole said she was just going with her gut on this decision.

But Christie and Tommy had a chance to save themselves with the Power of Veto competition.

The first PoV competition of the night was a Big Brother classic called "What The Bleep?" and all six houseguests competed.

Julie instructed the players to view a number of videos containing statements made by their former houseguests this summer. Each statement featured a bleeped-out word or phrase. After each video, Julie said what the bleeped-out word or phrase might be.

The goal was to determine whether Julie's answer was true or false. For every correct answer, a player would receive one point. The houseguest with the most points after seven videos would win the Power of Veto.

Christie started to cry at the start of the competition, knowing she or her best friend Tommy might be heading out the door.

All of the houseguests answered the first few questions correct but then Christie and Cliff got off to a solid lead. Christie came close to saving herself but Cliff answered the last question right.

Cliff then spoke to Nicole quickly and privately in one of the bedrooms about keeping nominations the same and hopefully sending Christie out the door.

At the live Nomination Ceremony, Cliff told the group he loved everyone and there were "limited choices" left in the game but he had decided to honor Nicole's decisions and keep both Christie and Tommy on the chopping block.

Tommy wasn't prepared to make a speech, but Christie gushed about how she loved everyone and the players still left in the game deserved to be there. She did point out, however, Holly or Michie would probably win this game.

Michie, Holly, and Cliff then all voted to evict Christie from the house in a unanimous vote.

"I can't say I'm not surprised [Nicole nominated me] because this is Big Brother; you have to expect it and she's got to do what's best for her game. But I just don't see how getting me out is best for her game," Christie vented to Julie in her live post-eviction interview.

Christie also didn't believe the house had made the right decision in evicting her over Tommy.

"Tommy is the one who took me off the block twice! I'm not winning Vetos for myself. I'm not. I mean, I don't think it was the right choice, but I want him to stay and I want him to win," Christie said, later adding that Tommy was her "constant" and kept her sane in the house considering she was "an emotional trainwreck."


Christie admitted she tended to be too vocal at times, especially in her stubborn split from the Six Shooters, but she's proud of her game.

Christie told Julie the universe had sent her packing because it was simply her time to go and maybe her departure will help to advance Tommy further in the game.

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