Big Brother featured Faysal Shafaat winning the Power of Veto competition and deciding not to use the veto during Wednesday night's Season 20 broadcast.

With Sam Bledsoe, a 27-year-old welder from Stuarts Draft, VA, and Steve Arienta, a 40-year-old former undercover cop who currently resides in Wanaque, NJ, on the chopping block heading into the season's first live eviction, Faysal, a 26-year-old substitute teacher from Orlando, FL, opted to keep nominations the same under Tyler Crispen's Head of Household rule after winning the Power of Veto.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 9, with Tyler hoping the "Power App" wouldn't throw a wrench into his reign as HoH, as everything was going smoothly and he had little blood on his hands.


Sam decided to keep her advantage close to her chest, except for sharing the information of her potential return to the game after eviction with Tyler, whom she really liked and trusted. Sam thought it would be great for her game to work with Tyler.

Sam didn't divulge all the details of her "Power App," but she did let him know she could use the power on someone else if she wanted to.

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams then talked to Tyler about putting Angela Rummans on the chopping block is he needs to name a replacement nominee after the Power of Veto competition; however, Tyler's target was Steve. If it couldn't be Steve, Tyler wanted to get rid of Swaggy C's close ally, Bayleigh Dayton.

Swaggy C warned Bayleigh of Tyler's plans, but he promised to try to keep her safe on eviction night. Swaggy C also insisted he'd try to win the Power of Veto.

Bayleigh cried because she knew Swaggy C didn't come on Big Brother for a showmance, that he was playing to win the $500,000. Bayleigh knew Swaggy C might drop her if it benefits his game, and he may not be willing to take a risk to save her.

Bayleigh admitted to Swaggy C the only reason she was an option was because of him so it hurt her feelings he asked whether they should detach themselves from each other. Swaggy C apologized and didn't like to see his crush upset.

Bayleigh then spoke to Tyler in attempt to save her game and avoid the chopping block. Tyler assured her that she'd only be a pawn and he didn't want her to go home.

Tyler revealed Bayleigh would be the "safest bet to stay," but she wondered why Angela wasn't an option. Tyler needed Bayleigh to trust him, saying he was looking out for their side.

"Screw you, Tyler, you're a liar and your word means absolutely nothing in this house," Bayleigh said in a confessional. "I am hoping and praying my name is picked [for the Veto comp], because that's the only way I can secure my own fate."

Players were then picked for the season's first Power of Veto competition.

Tyler picked Swaggy C to play because he'd likely keep nominations the same. In addition to the nominees, Steve and Sam, Scottie Salton was also selected to play. Steve then got to choose a houseguest, and he picked Faysal.

Tyler, Steve, Scottie, Swaggy C and Faysal agreed Sam winning the Veto was "the worst case scenario." Tyler made Steve feel safe, hoping he wouldn't play hard in the upcoming Veto competition.

Tyler was still working with the Level 6 alliance -- which is also comprised of Angela, Brett Winston, Rachel Swindler, and Kaycee Clark -- but the other side was pretty much telling him everything that was going on.

For the Power of Veto competition dubbed "Going Viral," each participating houseguest was required to compete in a series of challenges. One of the five stages featured a snake pit the players had to search through for "like" icons. Scottie was out in the first round.

In Stage 2, the players had to take a polar plunge to retrieve "like icons" in the bottom of a freezing cold pool The eliminated player in the second round was Swaggy C.

Each player was then instructed to serve as a human canvas in which paint balls flew at their body, and Steve was out in this round.

Stage 4 was all about balancing a ball on a small platform while walking, and two players who advanced to the final stage were Faysal and Tyler.

Tyler told Faysal he would let him win the PoV as long as he promised to keep nominations the same. Faysal agreed to the plan, but he wasn't sure if that's what he wanted to do. Faysal considered taking Steve down and putting up a bigger threat, like Angela.

In the final stage of the competition, the two guys had to play a matching game by taste-testing soda bottles, and the winner was Faysal.

"If [Faysal] doesn't keep his word, he'll definitely regret it. Trust me," Tyler told the cameras.


But Faysal came through for Tyler and ultimately kept his original two nominations the same.

Steve was disappointed because he had picked Faysal to play in the Veto competition, but thought he had the numbers to stay going forward. Bayleigh was relieved to not be nominated, and Sam said she didn't want to use her "Bonus Life" power just yet, so she intended to get creative.

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