Big Brother houseguest Cody Nickson was evicted from the house during Thursday night's live Season 19 broadcast on CBS.

Cody, a 32-year-old construction sales representative from Lake Mills, IA, who currently resides in Plano, TX, was evicted from the Big Brother house under Paul Abrahamian's Head of Household reign through a 7-3-0 vote in which Ramses Soto received three votes and fellow nominee Alex Ow earned herself zero votes.

Jessica Graf, Kevin Schlehuber and Christmas Abbott were the houseguests who voted for Ramses, while everyone else vote to evict Cody.

"I should have thought more with my mind instead of my heart, but that's the way I play," Cody told Julie Chen of his gameplay during his post-eviction interview. "I would take the same risks [if I got to play again]. I just hate that 'Den of Temptation,' that's the only thing that got me."

As fans recall, the Den of Temptation gave Paul immunity from nominations and evictions for a total of three weeks. Cody tried to blindside Paul with a nomination when he was previously HoH, but Paul's power kept himself safe and ultimately made Cody an outsider in the house because he hid the plan from his alliance and betrayed Paul, who had been one of his allies at the time.

Julie revealed to Cody, however, that he will have a chance to battle his way back into the house next week in a competition for all the evicted houseguests so far on Season 19. That means Cody will battle Cameron Heard, Jillian Parker and next week's evictee for one spot back in the game.

The Big Brother broadcast picked up where the last episode had left off, with Paul nominating Cody for eviction, putting him on the chopping block against Alex and Ramses.

Jessica and Josh Martinez were going at it, as Jessica was calling him "a pawn on both sides of the house" and insisting everyone was using him. Josh tried to attack Jessica and Cody's character, but neither of them seemed phased -- they just told Josh to go change his diaper.

Cody actually respected Paul's nomination because he didn't blame him for taking a shot when he could considering they're both competitors.

Christmas then revealed to the house that she needed surgery on her foot and was given the option to recover inside the Big Brother house and continue playing. Christmas assured her fellow houseguests that competitions would not be altered for her in any way, meaning there would be some competitions she couldn't compete in.

Christmas decided to maintain her perseverance and recover in the house. While she was thanking everyone for their passion and understanding, Cody noticeably left the room. Dominique Cooper said Cody's actions were "distasteful" and "inconsiderate" and he's not the kind of man she thought he was since he's a Marine.

Knowing Cody was the house's target and she had to repair her image to save her game, Jessica confronted Christmas after their blow-up argument. Jessica explained that she had no knowledge of Cody's nominations when he previously put her on the chopping block after Paul made his safety known. Jessica told Christmas that she likes her better without the "mean girl" act.

Being called a "mean girl" rubbed Christmas the wrong way even though Jessica was trying to say she didn't dislike the fitness enthusiast as a person. Christmas told Jessica she'd be willing to start over because she was well aware Jessica had no influence over Cody's strategy and decisions, but it was clear there was still tension between the girls.

Jessica was having a really tough time in the house. Not only was she eating slop and forced to wear a toad costume for a week, but she also had no allies other than Cody. She broke down into tears but Cody was there to comfort her.

Cody admitted that he didn't take Jessica's game into account when he took "risks" in the game and his showmance partner was therefore dealing with all the collateral damage from his HoH reign.

Cody felt bad for Jessica so he tried to help her game by "dropping some bombs" and "stirring the pot." Cody, for instance, told Christmas that Mark Jansen and Dominique initially suggested that Cody should nominate Christmas for eviction and that Jessica wasn't even involved. Cody swore that Mark also knew about his plan to backdoor Paul from the start.

Cody planted a seed in Christmas' mind that it would be smart for her to work with Jessica and Alex going forward since they're the three strongest females in the house. Christmas wasn't sure what to think, but Cody's information definitely raised some red flags in her mind.

And later, during a fake talk show hosted by Dominique, Cody announced that one or two people in the house always knew about his decisions. Mark realized the comment was aimed at him, and he was furious that Cody would try to throw him under the bus like that.

When it became time for the live eviction, Alex said she deserved to stay in the house because she's a competitor, while Ramses begged the players not to vote him out since he had to place himself on the chopping block to begin with as a consequence for Paul accepting his immunity temptation.

Cody then thanked Jessica for standing by his side, and he told his daughter Paisley at home not to be a beta.

According to Julie, Christmas successfully underwent surgery on Wednesday, July 12. However, she hadn't been medically cleared to leave the hospital yet, so she had to cast her vote for eviction via phone from the hospital.

After Cody's fate was sealed in the game, he whispered to Jessica on his way out of the house, "Hey, will you be my girlfriend?"

Jessica simply giggled and kissed Cody in reply, so we'll take that as a "yes." Cody told Julie that he "absolutely" wants to pursue a committed relationship with Jessica outside the house.

Cody then explained why he never told his alliance his plan to target Paul, which was the main reason everyone had turned against him. Paul said that he knew his allies would try to talk him out of making the move and he had made his mind up.

Cody also joked about how Jessica called him the worst Big Brother player ever, saying his girlfriend's game will be better going forward without him around. He added that the houseguests are sadly Paul's "groupies" who linger on the returning player's every word.

The episode concluded with the start of the next Head of Household competition dubbed "Space Cadets." The participating houseguests -- minus Paul, as the outgoing HoH, and Christmas, since she was still in the hospital -- were required to stand on a ledge for as long as possible as they were repeatedly tipped forward and sprayed with water.

[Spoiler Warning: To learn which houseguest won the HoH competition, highlight the area below].

Alex is the new Head of Household!