Big Brother evicted both Jason Dent and Raven Walton during Thursday night's special double-eviction episode of Season 19 on CBS.

Jason was first ousted from the Big Brother house through a 3-2 vote in which only Alex Ow and Paul Abrahamian voted for him to stay. Since Christmas Abbott was the Head of Household, she had to cast the tiebreaker vote to ultimately send Jason packing.

After Alex was crowned the season's next Head of Household and nominated Kevin Schlehuber and Raven for eviction, and then Josh Martinez won the Power of Veto competition and opted to keep nominations the same, Raven was evicted from the house via 2-1 vote. Josh was the only person who voted to keep Raven around.

The Big Brother broadcast picked up where Wednesday night's episode had left off, with the Veto Meeting on Day 76.

Kevin didn't understand the house's strategy if they chose to take him out before either Jason or Alex.

Meanwhile, Jason believed Paul had pulled through for him once again by removing Alex from the chopping block and doing exactly what he said he was going to do. Alex was excited for Kevin to go home, but Jason felt bad about the plan since he had become close friends with Kevin.

But Paul was secretly working with Christmas and Josh to take Jason out, and he planned for the house to cast a tie vote in order to not expose Josh's alliance was working against them. In reality, however, Paul wanted to be able to say that he did not vote Jason out of this game.

Paul therefore tried to convince his fellow houseguests that Josh and Raven should vote for Jason, while Alex and himself would vote out Kevin, leaving Christmas to break the tie. Christmas didn't mind taking some heat and getting blood on her hands, and Paul was thrilled that other people were doing his dirty work.

Paul's goal was to have Alex in his back pocket once Jason left the house, and he could do that by telling Alex he had never voted or plotted against her.

Josh, however, hated the idea of blindsiding Jason because he's such a good person and they had become pals in the house.

Jason was often there for Josh in the game, and so Josh got extremely emotional. Josh was supposed to act like a snake, and he just wasn't sure if he could go through with it. Josh therefore considered making a big move that would "blow up the house."

Big Brother host Julie Chen then announced to the houseguests there would be a live double eviction.

Christmas had to cast the deciding vote for Jason to go, and she cried during her little speech about eliminating a friend. Jason seemed angry about his eviction and absolutely shocked, so he left the house without looking at or saying goodbye to anyone.

As Jason walked out the door, Alex yelled out to him that she had nothing to do with his elimination.

Josh and Paul then had a blowup argument in the kitchen about how Paul was disappointed to see Jason go and Josh argued that he's a strong male competitor.

Paul screamed about how he would've been blindsided as well had he been a pawn on the chopping block, and Josh did nothing but repeatedly apologize. Since Josh and Paul were working together before the vote, however, this fight seemed to be an elaborate ruse.

When Jason sat down with Julie, he explained that he 100% did not expect the vote to play out as it did and he had been playing the game with a bunch of "counterfeits." Jason wasn't sure if Paul and/or Alex turned on him, or if Christmas' alliance was behind his ouster.

Jason then watched pre-taped messages from his fellow houseguests. In Josh's goodbye, he told Jason that Paul had an elaborate plan to get rid of him and the two of them were in a Final 3 deal with Alex -- and had been for a while. Josh added that for the sake of his own game, he had to let Jason go.

Paul then told Jason that the rodeo clown left him in the house with a lot of "counterfeits," suggesting he had nothing to do with Jason's blindside, and that he was looking forward to going further in the game with Alex. But Jason appeared confused and told Julie that "Paul is obsolete" and it was clear he had betrayed an alliance and a friendship.

It then became time for the Head of Household competition dubbed "Fake News."

For the competition, Julie read a series of "BB news headlines," which described events that may or may not have taken place in the Big Brother house this summer.

The goal for the houseguests was to answer whether or not the headline was "real" or "fake." For each correct answer, a player would be awarded one point. The person to rack in the most points after seven headlines would win the title of HoH.

One example of a headline was, "Unbelievable. Cody evicted twice with 7 votes." The answer was "real." An example of a fake headline was "Only 8 houseguests were present for Zingbot this season," because nine houseguests were actually present for that experience. 

In the end, Alex won Head of Household, and she quickly chose to nominate Kevin and Raven for eviction without providing an explanation for her decision at the Nomination Ceremony.

But Kevin and Raven had a chance to save themselves via the Power of Veto competition called "Lime Drop."

"Lime Drop" required each player to race down to lemon trucks, dive in to a pit of yellow balls, and then search for limes. A player had to transfer a lime one at a time by dropping it into a tube below. It was very easy, however, for a ball to bounce off the top of the tube since the alignment needed to be perfect.

The first houseguest to drop four limes into the tube, race back to the truck, and push his or her button would win the Power of Veto.

After a close battle between Alex, Raven and Josh, the houseguest who won the veto was Josh.

At the subsequent Veto Meeting, Josh explained that he had been a misfit all season long, looking for a group to fit in with. He then opted to keep Alex's nominations the same, forcing Kevin and Raven to stay on the chopping block.

When it became time to vote, Paul and Christmas both voted to oust Raven from Big Brother, and Josh voted for Kevin to go.

On Raven's way out of the house, she said the move was "so messed up" of her fellow houseguests, and Josh broke down crying. Even Paul appeared to have tears in his eyes when she chose to vast his vote for Raven. Everyone apologized to Raven, but she didn't want to hear it.

In her post-eviction interview, however, Raven told Julie that she understood the game move because no one would want to sit next to her in the end due to the compelling story about her stomach disorder. Raven also noted that Kevin was a good choice to take to the Final 3 or 2 because he wasn't a threat to anyone.

Julie suggested to Raven that she didn't really play the game of Big Brother this season, but Raven argued that she had played the game well because mostly everyone liked her and she had teamed up with Matt Clines and made it pretty far into the season.

Raven also bragged about having Paul in her corner -- although every other houseguest does as well -- and throwing competitions for the veteran player.

Big Brother's Season 19 finale will air on Wednesday, September 20.