Big Brother host Julie Chen has shot down speculation she had a nose job in addition to the cosmetic surgery she underwent at age 25 to alter the appearance of her "Asian eyes."

"For the record, I have never had a nose job. I have only had plastic surgery done to my eyes that I've already told you about," Chen announced during Tuesday's broadcast of The Talk.

"I do not have cheek implants. I did not take out fat [below my cheekbones] to make my cheeks look more [pronounced]. I did not have chin surgery. I did not have a nose job. [My teeth] are not Veneers. I have not done my teeth. I've never even had braces. These teeth are all my real teeth, alright?! Nothing, nothing else has been done, ever!" 

The Big Brother host has had fans defending her and haters bashing her ever since she revealed last week she had previously responded to discrimination in the workplace by having plastic surgery to correct how her "Asian eyes" looked "hooded and heavy." 

Chen said a news director at an Ohio TV station she was working at 18 years ago complained she appeared "bored and disinterested" when reporting the news on-camera and a "big-time agent" wouldn't represent her in Los Angeles at the time unless she altered her eyes.  

With the disclosure of Chen's secret -- and a before and after photo of her surgery -- came a series of allegations she had more work done to her face than just her eyelids. However, Chen insisted on The Talk this week makeup makes all the difference. 

"My makeup really does change my face," she explained. "It takes about anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes... Contouring is done down the nose. Sometimes it's heavier than others. I've gotten phone calls from friends and family saying, 'It looks like you were in The Lion King today with too much contouring down the nose.'"

Chen showed the same picture of herself in her twenties prior to getting plastic surgery and compared it this time to a current photo of her face in which she's not wearing any makeup. The resemblance is much more obvious and her features appear to be the same.

"I will admit I thought about getting a nose job because I have a very bulbous, meaty nose," Chen continued.

"It's a very meaty nose, and I'm very superstitious -- because a lot of Chinese people are -- and my grandmother, who had the same nose, she said, 'Don't you touch that nose. That's what we Chinese people call a good fortune nose. You have the same nose as me.'"

Chen expressed how her grandmother's words really made an impression on her.

"And my grandmother led, God rest her soul, a very peace fortuitous life. She was a good lady; Everyone loved her. I've never seen her get angry. She just lived a happy life, so I didn't touch the nose and I didn't touch anything else!" Chen said.
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Before announcing she never had plastic surgery on her nose, Chen read aloud some of the reports and comments claiming otherwise. The Dayton Daily News, for example, weighed-in with two beauty experts for their opinions on whether Chen has had more work done.

"More than contouring is at work. You can make a nose look narrow, but come on now!" said one beauty expert.

Additional comments on social media included, "Wondering why she didn't fess up to having a nose job as well," and "[Julie] tweaked [the nose] a good 1-2 times from the look of it."

Chen also asked her The Talk audience to truthfully raise their hands if they believed she once had a nose job. The applause was fairly loud, and even co-hosts Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert surprisingly began clapping their hands.