The Bachelor executive producer Mike Fleiss has revealed the show's eighteenth season starring Juan Pablo Galavis has begun production.

"The journey begins in less than an hour!!! An epidemic of Juan Pablo fever is sweeping across Malibu!!!" Fleiss tweeted early Tuesday evening alongside a photo of a frosted cake with Galavis' picture on it. "Have you cake and eat it, too. Ooops. Your cake. I must have a touch of Juan Pablo fever."

Later that night, Fleiss took to Twitter multiple times to document the events at the night's initial cocktail reception.

"Cue the limos... Activate Harrison!!!" Fleiss wrote. "Here comes the first limo. JP just said: 'the first limo is on fire.'"

Fleiss added that Galavis really enjoyed himself during the season's initial night.

"Juan Pablo is having a great time. The girls LOVE him... Not shocking!" he tweeted.

Galavis, a 32-year-old Venezuelan former pro soccer player from Miami, FL, was announced as the next Bachelor in early August. The show's new season will premiere in January of next year.