Big Brother houseguest Jessica Graf, who is Head of Household this week, won the Power of Veto competition and then chose to keep her original nominations the same during Wednesday night's broadcast on CBS.

Jessica Graf, a 26-year-old VIP concierge from Cranston, RI, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, won the Power of Veto and then decided to keep Ramses Soto, a 21-year-old cosplay artist from Grand Rapids, MI, and Josh Martinez, a 23-year-old in hair care sales from Miami, FL, who currently resides in Homestead, FL, on the chopping block.

The Big Brother episode began on Day 31 after the Nomination Ceremony, with Jessica telling the cameras she nominated floaters during her HoH reign in order to rebuild alliances she had ruined when Cody Nickson was in power. Josh is Jessica's target this week because he told her that he'd go after her if he ever comes into power.

Ramses figured he was safe because Josh was a much bigger target than him, while Josh went off and cried because he assumed he was the houseguest going home. He seemed to regret allowing Jessica to get in the middle of his feud with Cody. Josh wasn't ready to give up, however, as he said he was going to win the Power of Veto and then "raise hell."

Elena Davies promised Jessica that she was not going to be blindsided this week, that Josh was definitely going home. But Paul Abrahamian simply advised Jessica not to worry about plans until after the PoV competition. She was annoyed the "veteran" always offered unsolicited advice.

Meanwhile, Cody appeared to be falling in love with Jessica, as he said he "struck gold" with her. He found her amazing, especially how she "crushed" Josh in her speech at the Nomination Ceremony. Cody was proud that he didn't have to stand up to Josh for Jessica.

Paul then suggested to Alex Ow and Jason Dent they should save Josh and kick Ramses out in order to upset Jessica's plans. Paul said Josh would never betray them and so it wouldn't make sense to get rid of him. Paul also liked having Josh around as a shield since he was a loose cannon as well as an enemy of Jessica and Cody's alliance.

Paul noted to Alex and Jason that if Josh won HoH, he'd take a shot at Jessica and Cody, allowing their hands to stay clean of any blood. The group was onboard with Paul's strategy, so then Paul convinced Josh to "lay low" and pretend his fate is sealed in the game to make Jessica feel comfortable.

It then became time to pick players for the PoV competition. In addition to the HoH, Jessica, and the two nominees, Ramses and Josh, Jessica was afforded the chance to pick a houseguest -- and she chose Cody. The other players selected at random were Jason and Christmas Abbott.

Before the competition, Ramses told Jessica that he felt good about his position in the game unless Josh won the veto. Jessica promised Ramses that she would rally to keep him and protect him.

The Power of Veto competition was dubbed "BB Juicy Blast," and it has been featured in three prior seasons. The participating players were required to memorize a series of ingredients flashing on a screen and then answer a question by putting the correct ingredient into a giant smoothie cup. If a houseguest added the wrong ingredient, the mixture would blow up in his or her face.

The last person standing would win the Power of Veto. The competition came down to Cody and Jessica, and in the end, Cody said he threw the competition to his girlfriend so that her hair would stay clean.

Cody said in the Diary Room that he knew Josh wasn't going to win the veto because he's "a dumb dumb," adding that it "satisfied" him to think of Josh's spirits being crushed.

After the competition, Paul advised Josh to keep up his little act of appearing defeated so that Jessica would not change the nominees and Ramses can go home. Paul didn't want Jessica to replace Ramses with a big threat, such as himself or Matt Clines. Josh listened to every word Paul said and walked around the house sulking with his sunglasses on.

Jessica, however, was still feeling paranoid, especially when Raven gave an "airhead" response about the goal to vote Josh out of the house. And she was right, because Paul said Jessica and Cody "misfired" this week by nominating two "duds" instead of himself or someone in his alliance.

Paul also thought it was dangerous to keep Ramses around since he's a floater and could be used as a number for Jessica and Cody at any point in the game when it benefits him.

Meanwhile, Ramses voiced his eviction concerns to Jessica, saying that the last time he was on the chopping block, he received two votes. Ramses worried those two people might be very influential in the house and could vote against him again. With that being said, Jessica began to take into consideration the strategy of removing Ramses from the block.

Out of paranoia, Jessica explained to Cody how a blindside might be coming their way, and she was exactly right. Jessica guessed the plan to take out Ramses, but Cody insisted they needed to chill for a while and trust the initial plan. Jessica wanted to pull Ramses off the block and nominate Alex instead since she was a big threat, but Cody suggested they not stir the pot again for no good reason.

Jessica's gut told her that things were too good to be true, and she didn't want to waste her HoH reign. She realized it would be better to nominate a person with whom she had no ties rather than risk Ramses' elimination. Jessica noted that she would hate herself if the house blindsided her again.

Cody reminded Jessica they can use her "Halting Hex" temptation next week if things don't go their way, meaning they'd both be safe.

Finally, at the Veto meeting, Jessica announced she did not want to use the Power of Veto. She put her trust in the houseguests' hands and was trying to fall under the radar. Paul laughed in the Diary Room after the meeting, calling Jessica's decision "the worst move ever."