Big Brother evicted Tommy Bracco instead of Holly Allen after Jackson Michie came up with huge lies and threw Tommy under the bus during Thursday night's Season 21 live eviction episode on CBS.

Tommy was evicted from the Big Brother game on Day 86 through a unanimous 2-0 vote in which both Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg had voted for him.


Big Brother 21 - Episode 35

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 83 with Tommy and Holly on the chopping block. Holly was so happy she was working with Cliff and Nicole, and she was relying on their integrity and had no choice other to trust in them and their Final 4 alliance.

Tommy had a "glimmer of hope" to stay thanks to Nicole, but he figured Nicole wouldn't make a big move without Cliff on her side, and so he planned to convince Cliff keeping him instead of the showmance would be better for the pair's game.

Nicole acknowledged the smart option was to break up Holly and Jackson, but she worried about going back on her word and betraying the couple whom they had been so tight with.

Cliff told Nicole if they kept Tommy around, he'd probably work with them to target Michie next. Cliff and Nicole promised each other to be a team; they needed to be on the same page.

However, Cliff admitted he questioned deep inside whether Tommy and Michie were working together. He therefore needed to hear a commitment from Tommy that he would take Nicole and himself to Final 3.

Tommy promised Cliff and Nicole that he would be a number for them going forward. He also said he'd be willing to throw the next Head of Household competition to one of them.

"This deal Tommy is offering is huge! With Michie unable to compete in this week's HoH competition, if Holly is gone and Tommy throws the competition, that means Nicole and myself are guaranteed to win it," Cliff said in a confessional.

"And whoever wins that HoH competition has a guaranteed spot in the Final 3!"


Tommy told the cameras he meant it when he said he'd throw the next HoH competition.

"If Holly does wind up going home this week, that means Michie is the obvious next target. But if Michie saves himself, I'm hoping he would want revenge on Cliff and Nicole for voting out Holly," Tommy explained in the Diary Room.

"Maybe he'd want to take me along. That would put me in a really good position."

Cliff and Nicole told Tommy that he was not fighting a lost cause.

Cliff then admitted to Michie that Nicole was leaning more towards voting out Holly because she had talked to Tommy a lot more. Cliff denied Tommy had offered them a deal, but he explained Nicole was worried about being the odd-man out in a Final 4 situation.

Cliff said he had "mixed feelings" because he was worried about being with a showmance in the end, but at the same time, he felt Tommy was tighter with Nicole.

Cliff wanted to make sure he was still good with Michie because in the case Holly was voted out and Michie had to decide between taking Nicole or himself to Final 3, Cliff wanted to be the choice.

Michie shared the news with Holly, saying Nicole felt Tommy would bring her to Final 3 over Michie if Holly remained in the game and the couple went all the way to the end. Holly was shocked Nicole was wavering and even considering not staying loyal.

Michie said he wasn't going to quit on Holly and would do whatever he has to do to keep her safe.


Tommy then admitted he had known Christie Murphy outside of the house before the game began. He didn't want Holly and Michie to be able to use that information against him to create a wedge between Tommy and Cliff and Nicole.

Michie walked in on the conversation, but Tommy continued it elsewhere, saying Christie's ex-girlfriend is a member of his own family. Tommy explained he wanted the pair to hear it from him so Michie and Holly couldn't use it against him.

Tommy explained he made certain decisions in the game because he had been "in a weird situation."

Nicole appreciated Tommy being honest, but it threw a red flag for Nicole that he had been hiding something like that for so long.

Michie later explained to Cliff and Nicole that Christie was an automatic vote for Tommy and she could campaign in the house for Tommy's victory. Michie pointed out Christie had enough power of persuasion to potentially flip the jury house in Christie's favor.

Cliff began to really worry about Tommy's bombshell. He started second-guessing the plan to keep Tommy as a result.

Michie then told Cliff that when they shook hands, he "thought it meant something."

Cliff insisted it crushed him that he might have to break an agreement he had made in good faith, and Michie acknowledged it felt like "a slap in the face" to potentially get rid of Holly instead of Tommy on a personal level.


Cliff, however, reminded Michie he wasn't playing a personal game -- he was playing Big Brother to win.

"I am so sick and tired of trusting people and getting burned. I am sick of it," Michie said in a confessional.

"I will throw a knife in their back if I get a chance, so if Holly stays or Holly doesn't stay, at this point, I'm gunning for Cliff and Nicole -- regardless of what happens. And if Holly goes, it will rain fire in this house."

Michie assured Cliff that if he and Nicole voted Holly out, it would be every man for him or herself going forward.

Later on, Tommy talked to Cliff and Nicole about what he could offer them. Tommy said there was no way he'd team up with Michie if the pair chose to keep him.

"He is the full package, and I can help you take him down! If you do choose to keep me, I want to find a way to prove myself to you, and that's not just by giving you the HoH," Tommy said.

Tommy insisted he'd work with Nicole and Cliff to the end, including when the next Power of Veto competition happens.

Michie heard the whole conversation from outside the door, and so he planned to come up with "fabricated evidence" to try to convince Cliff and Nicole that Tommy was actually on his side.

Michie intended to use Tommy's pitch he had just heard against Tommy to convince Cliff and Nicole he's telling the truth. Michie therefore told Nicole and Cliff that Tommy had told him about his pitch to them.

"He's playing both sides again," Michie explained to the pair. "He told me that he wants to not work against each other but with each other. He feels like you will win this game and he feels that [Nicole] would be better to take to the Final 3."


Michie added, "And he said that he was gonna pitch to y'all that he would throw the HoH and that he would use the Veto however y'all wanted to."

Michie concluded, "The goal was for one of y'all to win HoH or him to win HoH, keep me, keep you, and then vote [Cliff] out. He has no idea that I'm talking to y'all about this, but my loyalty is to y'all... and Holly's loyalty is to y'all."

Michie insisted Tommy wanted to keep him around so they could work together to knock either Cliff or Nicole out. Michie, however, said he was well aware Tommy had been telling Nicole and Cliff the opposite.

Nicole almost started to cry because she "felt stupid" and underestimated. She suggested having a house meeting so Michie and Tommy could hash it out in front of everyone and she could hopefully find out the truth.

Nicole was "over it" and didn't know which guy was blowing smoke. She said it was all about determining which cloud of smoke to walk into.

It then became time for the live eviction. Tommy told Cliff and Nicole that he loved them both and although the day was rough for Holly, Michie and himself, he said it was just "game" and "not personal."

Holly thanked Michie's family for raising a man with "a heart of gold" and "a backbone of steel," and then she told Tommy that she adored him and they'd continue to be friends outside of the game. Holly also told Cliff and Nicole that she's continue to prove her loyalty to them.

Nicole then cast her vote to evict Tommy, and Cliff made the same decision.

With two votes, Tommy was evicted from the Big Brother house. On his way out, Tommy was in tears and promised Cliff and Nicole he had been telling them the truth.

"You got me!" Tommy told Michie as the guys hugged.

When Tommy sat down with Big Brother host Julie Chen after his eviction, Tommy explained Michie had come up "with a big fat lie."

"Michie... said my plan was to backdoor Cliff. But why would I say that before the voting happened? It was all made up, it was a big fat lie, he blew it up... and it got ugly," Tommy said.

Julie told the audience that Tommy was "crying" and "screaming" over the lie, and Tommy sarcastically noted, "I'm so excited to see that!"

Tommy, however, told Julie that he still respected Michie's gameplay.

"I love this show so much. I'm not a liar or a manipulator; I knew that coming into this. But I respect the people that do that, and that's game. That's game. It's not personal," Tommy shared.

Tommy said only time will tell whether Nicole and Cliff had made a mistake.

"I would have happily taken third [place] to Cliff and Nicole rather than gone [to the Final 3] with Michie," Tommy said. "I see them as the underdogs, and I always root for the underdogs... That's why I wanted to team up with Cliff and Nicole. It felt really good."

Tommy added he had shared his secret about Christie because he felt like an outsider and wanted to disassociate himself from her. However, he admitted it was "a mistake" -- probably "a $500,000 mistake" -- and he'd just have to live with that.

In addition, Tommy revealed he would have taken Nicole to the Final 2 with him because she's such a smart player.

The episode concluded with the next HoH competition called "BB Stunt Camp." Michie was ineligible to compete, so Holly, Nicole and Cliff participated.

The players had to stand on a small rotating disk while holding onto a rope and flying through the air. They had to navigate obstacles along the way. If a houseguest fell off his or her disk, that person would be eliminated. The last person standing would become the new Head of Household.

[Big Brother Spoiler Warning: Highlight the area below to find out who won the endurance HoH competition].

Nicole is the new Head of Household!

Big Brother's next episode will air Sunday, September 15 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

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