Big Brother evicted Alex Ow from the house and determined Season 19's final four houseguests during Wednesday night's special eviction broadcast on CBS.

Alex, a 28-year-old eco-friendly marketing representative who currently resides in Camarillo, CA, was evicted from the Big Brother house over Kevin Schlehuber after the voting ended in a 1-1 tie and Head of Household Josh Martinez was forced to cast a tiebreaking vote.

Christmas Abbott voted to evict Alex, while Paul Abrahamian voted to evict Kevin, a 55-year-old stay-at-home dad from Boston, MA.

Wednesday nights special pre-taped Big Brother eviction episode began with the fallout from Sunday night's episode, which had concluded with Josh, a 23-year-old from Miami, FL who works in hair care sales, nominating Alex and Kevin for eviction.

While neither Alex or Kevin were happy to be nominated, Alex still believed Kevin would likely be going home and Kevin believed similarly about Alex. 

Meanwhile, Josh considered telling Alex that he was thinking about taking her off the eviction block and "backdooring" Paul if the Power of Veto competition results gave him the chance to give a replacement nominee, but decided not to, given Alex considered Paul to be her closest ally.

However, Alex still began to grow concerned that going after Paul was Josh's plan and told Paul of her concern, causing Paul -- who had already betrayed Alex and urged Josh to nominate her -- to privately chuckle.

"Alex, you're worried about me? You got to worry about yourself, because you're the target this week!" Paul boasted in the Diary Room.

Later, Josh -- who has been working with Christmas and Paul, but believed Paul was the outsider in their alliance -- asked Christmas to promise that Christmas planned to take him to the season's Final 2 jury vote.  However, Christmas didn't give Josh the answer he had been expecting.

"I'm going to be honest with you, I have not made that decision," she replied. "I don't want that decision."

"I'm taking you," Josh replied in tears.

"It's not smart for your game," Christmas told him.

Josh left the conversation shocked and sad.

"I'm just heartbroken because the whole time I'm like, 'I'm going to go to Final 2 with her,' and she can't give me that back in return," he said in the Diary Room.   "I feel like I just got cheated by my girlfriend, I feel like I got played, at this point I don't know who do I trust."

Later, all the houseguests (minus Christmas, who was unable to participate due to her injury) competed in the week's Power of Veto competition. Paul won the "BB Comics"-themed memory competition, which required the houseguests to memorize details of fictitious comic book covers based on the season's houseguests.

Alex was elated, believing Josh's victory was the perfect outcome.

"It kind of sucks because I didn't win the veto.  But now Paul wins it and it's even better because now he can pull me off the block and we'll both be safe for the week!" she gushed in the Diary Room.  "Top 2! Top 2! Top 2!"

However, Paul shocked Alex by pulling her aside and telling her that he wouldn't be using the veto to take her off the eviction block.

"If I use the veto and pull you off, [Christmas] is pissed, Josh is pissed -- I lose Josh, Christmas and Kevin as [jury votes]," he said. "You [already] have Jason, Mark, and Cody [as votes] so I think if I use the veto on you I'm pretty much throwing my game in the trash... if I make this move I'm securing my loss in the game... you would win."

Alex was crushed by the news and insisted she would have taken Paul to the jury vote even if she believed he would beat her.

"Paul can say whatever he wants, but if I was in the same position as him I wouldn't have screwed Paul... ever," she cried in the Diary Room.  "You wouldn't be here without me and you shot me in the back!"

Paul then followed through with his plan at the Power of Veto ceremony, opting to not use it and leave the nominations unchanged.

"I never questioned anything that Paul said, and I let him lead me and Jason blindly.  And it basically sunk both of our ships because Paul used both of us to get ahead," Alex lamented in the Diary Room.

"Now when he can make a 'friendship' move, he's not going to because he's worried about his own game. So instead, he's going to make sure I win nothing, which is not 'friendship.'"

Alex left Big Brother house silently and without saying any goodbyes after she was evicted via Josh's tiebreaking decision.

After exiting, she was briefly interviewed by Big Brother host Julie Chen.

"I think [Paul] played a really shady game.  It was terrible because -- if Jason were here, [he was] my 'ride or die.' He would take that bullet for me and he would have made sure we'd both stayed [even] if he knew he was going to get second [place] and he didn't care," Alex told Julie.

"I knew something was up wen Paul wanted to -- he knew he was going to get backdoored, I knew something was up, and I should have just taken Jason off the block.  I should have not thrown [the] 'Me, Myself and I' [HoH competition], I should have just won it."

Afterwards, Kevin, Christmas and Paul competed in the next Head of Household competition (as outgoing HoH, Josh was ineligible to compete). 

A true/false question called "What the Bleep?," the competition required the houseguests to correctly answer the missing word from a censored clip of a statement some of the season's eliminated houseguests had made during eviction ceremonies.

Paul won the competition via a 5-2-2 score in which Julie did not even have to ask the challenge's remaining two questions -- automatically securely himself a spot in the season's final threesome.

Big Brother's next episode will air Thursday, September 14 at 9PM ET/PT and feature another eviction, determining the identities of Season 19's remaining two Final 3 houseguests.