Big Brother crowned the season's first Head of Household, Cody Nickson, who then nominated two houseguests for eviction on Thursday night's broadcast on CBS.

Cody, a 32-year-old construction sales representative from Lake Mills, IA, who currently resides in Plano, TX, won the season's first Head of Household competition, which required four teams of four players to compete in an apple-themed relay race.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Cody decided to nominate Jillian Parker, a 24-year-old timeshare sales representative from Celebration, FL, who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, and Megan Lowder, a 28-year-old dog walker from Cathedral City, CA, who currently resides in Phoenix, AZ, for eviction.

Cody told Megan that he nominated her for eviction simply because he doesn't like her very much, while his reason for putting Jillian on the chopping block was because she seems to associate herself with Megan.

The Big Brother broadcast began with returning player Paul Abrahamian venting about how the house was stupid for eliminating Cameron Heard instead of Christmas Abbott, a physical "beast." Christmas, however, was thrilled about the turn of events because she was able to learn the two people who were gunning for her -- the two houseguests who had attempted to vote her out of the house.

Meanwhile, the house was starting to divide in half. Megan, Alex Ow, Jillian, and Ramses Soto were one group who wanted to target the guys they believed were forming an all-male alliance -- Mark Jansen, Paul, Cody and Matt Clines

Megan discussed taking out Mark, Cody or Paul first with her alliance members, but they weren't really discreet, as Josh Martinez grew concerned about their group. Josh even told Jason Dent to watch out for them.

Big Brother's Season 18 winner, Nicole Franzel, then entered the house to host the first Head of Household competition of the summer. Nicole noted that she won the first HoH competition last year and went on to win the whole season.

The houseguests were divided into four teams for the competition. The Orange Team was comprised of Jason, Alex, Christmas and Ramses. The Yellow Team was made up of Elena Davies, Jillian, Kevin Schlehuber, and Josh. Wearing pink were Dominique Cooper, Jessica Graf, Cody and Matt. And sporting blue were Paul, Mark, Raven Walton, and Megan.

For the challenge, host Julie Chen explained that one member from each team must race across a series of vines to retrieve a rotten apple. Once the player grabbed the apple and brought it back to the start, the next person could go. The first two teams to retrieve eight apples would move on to the final stage of the competition.

In a game twist, if a person found a golden apple, he or she would be safe from eviction that week. However, the temptation came with a consequence in that while that one person would be deemed safe from elimination, his or her entire team would be out of the competition and forfeit their chance to become Head of Household this week. 

Kevin had to throw the challenge because he had taken the $25,000 temptation at the start of the season, which he found difficult considering it was a team effort and not an individual's game.

During the competition, Josh ended up finding and taking advantage of a golden apple, explaining to his teammates that he probably would've gone home if he hadn't saved himself. Josh's teammates were disappointed and furious, especially because no one had heard anything about Josh being a target. Jillian said in the Diary Room that Josh wasn't on anyone's radar -- until now.

Cody couldn't believe how selfish Josh was, calling him a "coward."

The Pink Team was the first team to finish the relay race, followed by the Blue Team. The players wearing blue were extremely proud of Mark because he dislocated a finger during the competition but continued to fight hard.

Josh then randomly flipped out on Megan, screaming at her and accusing her of gunning after him and being a "snake." Megan was shocked to hear how Josh felt about her considering she really didn't have anything against him up until that point.

It then became time for the final leg of the Head of Household competition in which only one player from the two remaining teams could compete. Cody volunteered for the Pink Team, while no one appeared to step up for the Blue Team. Paul therefore took it upon himself to battle Cody.

Paul and Cody were required to make their way through the hanging vines again and attempt to balance seven apples of all different weights on the branches of a wobbly tree. Paul barely had all of his apples on the tree when Cody finished the task and crossed the finish line.

After the competition, Cody began thinking about the players he wanted to evict. Cody talked to Mark about nominating two "outsiders" of the house but then backdooring Paul. Mark actually liked and trusted Paul, but he went along with everything Cody was saying due to his HoH power this week.

Meanwhile, Paul thought he had bonded with Cody after the pair agreed to keep each other safe through a gentlemen's handshake.

As Paul was laying low in the house, Josh was doing the exact opposite. He blew up at Megan again, telling her that the way she's playing this game is "disgusting." Josh, however, later came to his senses and apologized for his actions.

Cody then solidified an alliance of bros with Mark and Matt. The trio agreed to go all the way to the end together since they each had a great social and physical game. Megan tried to talk to Cody in his HoH room but he just stared at her coldly. Cody noted to the cameras that he doesn't respect selfish people who beg for things, so that's why he gave her "zero intel."

Cody was trying to work with people who wouldn't crack under emotional pressure.

So underneath his main alliance of three men, Cody said he wanted the "second core" of his alliance to be comprised of Christmas, Dominique, Elena and Raven because they're smart girls who know how to play the game. It was also clear Cody wanted to keep Jessica around because he's infatuated with her looks.

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