CBS will send 12 more people into isolation this July, when the third installment of its unscripted series "Big Brother" premieres.

According to, "Big Brother 3" will air three times a week -- Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday -- beginning with its debut on Wednesday, July 10. Wednesday and Saturday episodes will offer taped recaps of what's gone on in the house in previous days, with players being nominated for eviction on Saturdays.

Thursday episodes will air live and feature the eviction of a player. CBS "Early Show" news anchor Julie Chen will again serve as host of the live broadcasts.

The rules are similar to past editions of the game -- no contact with the outside world, the winner gets $500,000 -- but executive producer Arnold Shapiro promises some new wrinkles.

"The new house guests may think they know how to play the game, but they are going to be in for some unexpected twists and turns once they are in the house," Shapiro says.

Wow... that sounds so Mark Burnett-like. Let me guess... YELLOW pebbles will now be used in the eviction voting instead of keys? 8-)