Bethenny Frankel has admitted she just doesn't see a Prince Charming in her future anymore and the realization has changed her whole outlook on love.

"I'm not entirely sure I believe in the fairy tale anymore. It's ironic. By the time you're reading fairy tales to your kids, you're discovering they might not come true," the Bethenny talk show host and former Bethenny Ever After and The Real Housewives of New York City star told People in its latest issue.

"I don't believe in The One or only one soulmate. Maybe there is The One, but that doesn't mean it's the person you live with your entire life. Your soulmate may or may not be the person you married. It doesn't happen often."

Frankel filed for divorce from estranged husband Jason Hoppy in early January and announced they were separating in December. Their divorce proceedings have not been amicable much to Frankel's initial surprise. 

"It's very unfamiliar to me not to want to meet anybody, to not feel a need to fill that void. And I've accepted the fact that I might never find that great love and that authentic real relationship the way that it's supposed to feel," added Frankel, who has a three-year-old daughter named Bryn with Hoppy.

"Men aren't a priority right now -- at all. It would take away from important things that I'm not willing to sacrifice. With my talk show and my daughter, there's little room for anything else."

Frankel, who also previously competed on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and is also managing her ever-growing Skinnygirl empire, also told People she's not rushing to get into a physical relationship with a man either.

"A lot of me is shut down right now. I'm a little fragile," she explained. "Intimacy wouldn't be so bad, but it's hard to bridge the gap. I'm a quality over quantity kind of person. And since I'm emotionally unavailable. It may be a chilly winter."

However, Frankel apparently doesn't need a male partner to be happy or feel completely content in her life.

"Fairy tales come in different packages. Having the most beautiful daughter in the world is mine. So is having the opportunity to connect to women. Connecting with my daughter is my definition of love," Frankel said.

Frankel and Hoppy met in November 2008 and got engaged 11 months later. They wed in March 2010 when Frankel was seven months pregnant with Bryn.