Bentley Williams has already voiced his strong, unfavorable opinion of The Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert, however host Chris Harrison says the bachelor's behavior is going to take a "dramatic" turn for the worst during next Monday night's episode. 

"Things come to a head and unravel in a major way next week. We've had so-called bad guys or villains on this show before, but we've never had anything like this," Harrison wrote on his Entertainment Weekly blog.

"You will see the wheels completely come off this ride for Ashley -- so much so, we came very close to having to shut down production on our show. There was a very real chance that Ashley was done and so was this season. It was a mess."

Harrison insisted the climactic situation that played out between 27-year-old dental student and the 28-year-old businessman from Salt Lake City, UT, will be one for the books once the season's third episode airs.

"What you will see next week will easily be one of the most talked about moments ever. There won't be one viewer that won't have a very strong opinion about what unfolds. We've had plenty of dramatic moments over the years and I even joke about using that word all the time. This is different, and it is nothing to joke about," Harrison explained.

While Hebert found Williams' personality sincere despite a fellow former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette's warning he would be coming on the show for the wrong reasons, Williams has been shown saying he believes Hebert is unattractive and not his type in his private interviews.

Williams has also secretly discussed how he is competing just for the thrill of the game and wished Emily Maynard -- whom previous The Bachelor star Brad Womack proposed to and chose over Chantal O'Brien during the finale of the show's fifteenth season -- stood in the place of Hebert.

"Let me be very clear. The things he said about Ashley and his feelings for her weren't cute and they weren't funny. They were out of line and disrespectful. He knew for a fact he wasn't into Ashley and wanted nothing to do with her, yet he continued to lead her on emotionally and physically as well, and that in my book, is not cool. Bentley played Ashley this week and got a rose on the group date," Harrison added.

After The Bachelorette's seventh-season premiere, some viewers suggested the show's producers should have told Ashley about Bentley's comments or not allowed him to stay on the since his intentions were so distasteful. However, Harrison suggested he and the show's producers did all they could to Hebert a fair warning.  

"Ashley will attest to the fact that I told her that first night she might want to nip this in the bud and send him packing, or at the very least, be extremely careful with this guy. She convinced me and everybody else that she was going to give him a chance and follow her gut. Once the show started, I can and did continue to warn her and talk to her about this guy... You'll see more of my deliberations with her in future episodes." Harrison wrote.

"To say Bentley is not here for the right reasons is a gross understatement. But it seemed the more I warned Ashley and told her to run for the hills, the more she protected and defended him. At some point you have to let the person find out for him or herself what the truth really is."
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.