Ben Flajnik disagrees with his bachelorettes and is defending Blakeley Shea's aggressive behavior during last night's cocktail reception in which she pursued extra one-on-one time with The Bachelor star despite already having a rose.

"Here's the thing. The women might have been upset at Blakely's motivation, but I found it okay in the moment. She was determined to talk to me, finish her conversation and get to know one another better. Most people won't agree with me there, but I liked her persistence," Flajnik wrote in his People blog.

However, Flajnik was unaware at the time that Shea -- whom he gave the season's first group date rose to, frustrating her competition -- was the root of most of the drama brewing in the house amongst the bachelorettes.

"Let's put it this way, group dates suck. Like night one, it's hard to see everything that's going on with the women, their drama and how they are getting along. Little did I know that Blakely was the cause of the drama that night. Again, my assumptions were completely off. Whoops. I guess I will learn as I go," the 29-year-old winemaker from Sonoma, CA, explained.

Based on his decision to eliminate Jenna Burke after he found her crying at the second cocktail party in a row, Flajnik presumably thought Burke was the bachelorette that caused the emotional chaos instead of Shea. However, after watching the events of last night's episode unfold, The Bachelor star said he now feels sympathy for the "over-analytical" bachelorette.  

"Jenna. Oh, sweet Jenna. Unfortunately for Jenna, this situation and environment was not for her. She crumbled under the pressure and was truly not herself. My heart went out to her for struggling so much, and I couldn't put her through anymore of this journey," Flajnik said.

Given all the drama and tears went down when the bachelorettes were in group settings, Flajnik's highlights of the week were when he got to enjoy some intimate time with two bachelorettes during the season's first two one-on-one dates.

"I was excited to hand out my first date card, which, as you know, went to [Kacie Boguskie] I was really excited to get to know her because she exuded so much confidence the first night. She is a woman of integrity and love, and made me feel right at home," Flajnik explained.

"Our evening consisted of lots of emotional moments, including a wonderful dinner, sharing home movies -- and our first kiss. We talked a lot about our life, our family and really got down to the nitty-gritty early on. I don't remember being with a woman where I opened up so much on the first date! I was immediately impressed with Kacie B. and knew she was something special."

Flajnik also said he surprised himself with how quickly he had formed a connection with Courtney Robertson.

"I was excited for my date with Courtney because I really enjoyed talking with her the first night. I was happy to learn how normal it felt to hang out with her. I think that the way you see it on TV does it justice in that we were very comfortable with each other," he said.

"I was surprised that we were so lovely-dovey so early on, as it was just the start of my journey and I knew there were lots of other relationships I still needed to explore. It really helped that Scotch was a fan of Courtney's too."
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