Ben Flajnik's sixteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorettes insisted all season the winemaker would end up regretting choosing ex-fiancee Courtney Robertson if that's the road he wanted to take -- and apparently, the girls were right all along.

The former The Bachelor star has admitted he never should've selected Robertson, a 29-year-old model from Santa Monica, CA, over some -- if not all -- of the other 24 competing girls at the conclusion of his edition, which was filmed in November 2011 and aired in March.

"I should apologize to all those women and say, 'Sorry I didn't see it,'" Flajnik told Life & Style. "I really have lost all respect for this person that I thought I knew and that I was in love with at one point."

Flajnik's former bachelorettes saw right through Robertson's alleged act and even tried to warn the 30-year-old winemaker from Sonoma, CA that she wasn't a nice girl at heart, and now, Flajnik seemingly wishes he had listened more intently.

"She just had me fooled," he told the magazine. "I talk to my friends all the time and they're like, 'Maybe she was just really good at it. She got all of us fooled, too, Ben. You weren't the only one.'"

Flajnik's family was reportedly a little hesitant about Robertson as well, as they requested the former The Bachelor star to think hard about whether they should actually tie the knot before the couple eventually called it quits in October.

"I wanted to see it through on my own. I knew if it was going to work or not. It just took a little bit longer," Flajnik told Life & Style. "You know, hindsight is 20/20."

Robertson told Life & Style earlier this month that Flajnik treated her "so badly" and she was "miserable with Ben" during their 10-month relationship. She's currently dating Arie Luyendyk Jr. from Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette, leaving the winemaker a little surprised and speechless. 

"[I'm not dating again], not as quickly as she is," Flajnik told the magazine shortly after discovering Robertson's bashing comments and new relationship.