Becca Kufrin's one-on-one date with Arie Luyendyk Jr. in Tuscany apparently filled the holes in their relationship and made Arie feel genuinely excited to take things to the next level.

"When Becca said that she was falling for me and that she could see a future with me, it felt amazing. My heart was full," Arie wrote in his People blog. "[Our] date totally restored my confidence in our potential."

The Bachelor star and Becca, a 27-year-old publicist from Minneapolis, MN, enjoyed the very first one-on-one date of the season in Los Angeles.

The couple's connection was undeniable, but Arie admitted on Monday night's episode his feelings had faded for Becca a little over time. It probably didn't help that Becca spent group date after group date trying to fight for a minute of Arie's time or a moment of his affection.

"From the beginning, I was attracted to her beauty, humility, and kindness. I always knew she'd make a great wife and mother," Arie explained of Becca.

"We had such a strong start on our first date -- my first date of this whole journey -- but so much had happened since then. Finding a wife isn't just about finding someone who would be a great on paper, it's about love and chemistry."

And Arie knew going into his solo date with Becca in Tuscany that they needed time to see if they "could rekindle our early passion."

For their date, the pair went to the picturesque town of Barga and enjoyed a picnic on top of a hill.

"It was the perfect spot for our date. We had a great time walking the quiet streets, buying wine and cheese, and chatting with locals," Arie said.

"Before long, I knew it was time to openly address my current fears about our relationship. Why hadn't things felt as passionate and chemistry-filled as before?"

Well, Becca apparently gave Arie an answer that made perfect sense.

"Becca opened up about having difficulty watching my relationships with other women progress and feeling really awkward on group dates," Arie revealed.

During dinner that evening, Becca and Arie shared some steamy kisses, and from a viewer's perspective, there wasn't much lacking in the physical department.
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"When we kissed that night during our romantic dinner, I finally felt the passion that had been missing the last few weeks. I left my date with Becca feeling great," Arie noted.

In the next The Bachelor episode, Arie will be visiting the hometowns of Becca, Tia Booth, Lauren Burnham, and Kendall Long.