Becca Kufrin absolutely deserved the Cinderella-inspired, first one-on-one date of The Bachelor season, according to Arie Luyendyk Jr., and now the show's star is explaining why.

"Big fans of the show probably know that we usually kick things off with big group dates, but I really wanted to start my journey with a one-on-one," Arie wrote in his People blog.

"From the moment I met Becca K., I knew she was really sincere about being on this journey. Just because I was now Bachelor doesn't mean I didn't have insecurities too, and that first night, she made me feel so comfortable."

Five years ago, Arie competed for Emily Maynard's heart on The Bachelorette's eighth season, and despite falling madly in love, he finished as the runner-up behind winner Jef Holm.

Arie was extremely nervous going into the first night of filming The Bachelor's 22nd season, but just when he thought his emotions "were out of control," Becca stood out to him as "someone I could be myself around."

"To me, that's so important in a relationship. It didn't hurt that she is also stunningly beautiful. [So] for our first date, I really wanted to spoil Becca K. She seemed so humble and gracious and kind, and that made me want to treat her like she's never been treated before," Arie explained.

Arie therefore introduced Becca to fashion designer Rachel Zoe.

"I was trying to create an experience that she'd never forget," Arie noted. "Becca was breathtaking in all those dresses -- each one was more gorgeous than the last. It really felt like we were in a movie. (The part of the movie that they didn't show was me sitting downstairs by myself eating snacks while Becca changed)."

Becca got to choose one dress to wear on her date with Arie that night, but Rachel also allowed her to keep the several other gowns she had tried on that day.

In addition, Arie gifted his date with a pair of embellished Louboutin high heels and a diamond necklace by Neil Lane. Becca also wore diamond earrings by the same designer, which she also got to take home with her.

"That evening, I still remember the mesmerizing glitter of the dress Becca wore. I love that she was able to take home a piece of the date. I may have given her some dresses and some Louboutins, but I'll always feel like what she gave me was so much more valuable," Arie wrote in his blog.

"I remember being in her shoes on my first date with Emily. There's so much you want to say, but you're not sure how much you want to reveal. It's such a different way of dating. It's exciting and scary to open up so much so early, and I'm so glad she felt like she could talk to me, not just about her past relationship but also about her dad."
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Becca revealed during dinner that she had been in an on-again, off-again relationship for seven years that ultimately taught her what she does and does not want in a partner and future spouse. Part of the reason the romance dragged on was because the man had helped her get through the death of her father.

"I'm really close with my father, so it's hard for me to imagine going through what she went through," Arie admitted of Becca, whose dad died from brain cancer.

"She's such a strong person. It takes a special woman to still have such a positive attitude about something so difficult, and I'm so grateful we learned so much about each other on a first date."

Becca received a rose from Arie on their date, and it was clear he wouldn't be sending her home any time soon.

"It's moments like those that remind me that this experience can lead to something real and lasting," Arie wrote.