Bachelor in Paradise's Ashley Salter got dumped again while Mackenzie Deonigi and Jaclyn Swartz arrived and mixed things up during Monday night's broadcast on ABC.

The episode began with Kirk DeWindt saying Samantha Steffen had a ton of guys all "trapped in her web of deceit." Meanwhile, Chelsie Webster from Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor was trying to pick a date. She had a conversation with both Dan Cox and Nick Peterson and then ended up choosing Nick.

Everyone was upset because they were hoping Dan would fall for Chelsie and then Samantha would go home. Nick, on the other hand, was glad to get a break from the group because Ashley S. was acting "weird."

Before leaving for his date, Nick told Ashley S that he didn't think things between them were going to advance romantically. She cut him off saying she felt the same way, but Ashley S later told the cameras she felt deceived and let down.

Ashley S called Nick a good "gameplayer" and vented to Carly Waddell that he had been rude to her.

A few couples were very happy at this point in the season. Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert were inseparable, Tenley Molzahn said Joshua Albers had really enriched her life, and Carly loved how she never had to worry about Kirk leaving her for another woman. Carly loved hanging out with Kirk all day every day.

Mackenzie from Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor then arrived. She was best remembered as the "sweet single mom who talks about aliens," according to Ashley Iaconetti.

Ashley I pulled Mackenzie aside for a chat to warn her that Jared Haibon was taken. Ashley I admitted she was obsessed with Jared because he looked like a mix of Ashton Kutcher and a Jonas brother. She suggested Mackenzie should ask out Justin Reich or Nick.

For Chelsie and Nick's date, they went out on a yacht and snorkeled together. They had an amazing time together, but Nick just didn't feel a spark with her. Nick was hung up on Samantha and planned to pursue her -- even if it meant stepping on Dan's toes.

Meanwhile, Dan explained he had more in common with Samantha than any other couples on the island. He noted they had similar interests and passions. Dan wasn't sure if he had a real shot to date Samantha, but he was still going to try.

Back at the villa, Mackenzie had to select her date. Tanner told her that Mikey Tenerelli was sort of interested, but Mackenzie said Juelia Kinney was too nice of a girl to do that to. Justin and Mackenzie then bonded over having a son in their lives. Amber James had feelings for Justin, so she was jealous about the idea of him going on a date with another girl.

In the end, Mackenzie picked Justin for the date because she found him "intriguing." They were asked to strip down and participate in some strange ritual and had no idea what was going on the whole time because the instructor only spoke Spanish. Despite the awkwardness, the couple found chemistry. Justin thought she was a great looking girl, and she thought he was hot.

However, after reality set in, Justin seemed to find Mackenzie annoying. Because the ritual turned out to be a wedding ceremony, Justin joked to the cameras that he needed to get a divorce the very next day.

Jaclyn from Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor then arrived. She told the cameras she was "ready to rumble" and "steal people's boyfriends."

Jaclyn wasn't afraid to disrupt the peace if it meant finding a man for herself. She also thought the guys in Paradise were probably looking to upgrade at this point because they were sick of whatever girls or drama they had been dealing with.

Once she met everyone, Jaclyn thought Jared was cute, Dan was "amazing and hot," and she had heard great things about Justin. Still, Jaclyn felt it was "slim picking" because she basically had a bunch of Kaitlyn Bristowe's rejects. She was most "intrigued" by Jared, and he loved how she was outgoing and sort of a spitfire.

Tanner said Jaclyn gave off a "black widow" vibe she'd rip a guy's head off after sex.

Jared and Jaclyn appeared to be hitting it off, so Ashley I needed to win Jared over in order to keep him to herself. She therefore approached show host Chris Harrison and asked if she could get a date card that would lead to a fantasy suite.

Ashley I soon returned to the villa with the date card -- just as Jaclyn was asking Jared out and he was thinking about how fun hanging out with her would be. Jared accepted Ashley I's invitation but seemed a little depressed about it. He had easy conversation with Ashley I and thought she was a nice girl, but he just wasn't sold on her. Jaclyn bashed Ashley I, saying she was "elementary" and needed to "grow up."

Jaclyn told the cameras it was weird because no guy Jared's age would want to take a girl's virginity. But Jared told Tanner he was excited to spend the night with her and they'd play the romance by ear.

Ashley I said in a confessional later on that she was fine with the idea of "doing anything" with Jared since she was so attracted to him. Ashley I fully intended to "do stuff" with him. Tanner admitted he wanted to see Jared find happiness more than anyone in the house, so he hoped Jared would "take Ashley I's 'V card.'"

"I don't know what's going to happen tonight, but I may not be a virgin tomorrow," Ashley I confessed at the end of the broadcast.