Bachelor in Paradise star Serena Pitt has addressed pregnancy rumors after her unexpected and spontaneous courthouse wedding to Joe Amabile.

"A lot of people did ask if I was pregnant, which I guess makes sense," Serena, 25, said in joint video with Joe, 36, they posted Thursday on YouTube.

"People are wondering if we had a shotgun wedding because I'm pregnant. I'm not pregnant."


Serena, originally from Canada, and Joe, a Chicago native, got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season in Summer 2021.

They moved in together in New York City this past spring, and while fans have assumed they've been planning a big wedding ever since, they shocked Bachelor Nation with an October 27 courthouse wedding, which only their witness Natasha Parker attended.

The pair had intended to keep their wedding a secret and only share the news with close family and friends, but a person apparently spotted them at the courthouse and so Serena and Joe were worried the story may get leaked.

Serena and Joe therefore posted a sweet video of their union on Instagram, announcing their marriage in their own special way.

"I feel like because we were already, like, committed to each other for life, like, the marriage didn't change that," Serena said in the couple's video.

"Our relationship doesn't feel any different, like, I feel the same level of commitment now that we're married, but I have accidentally called [Joe] my fiance multiple times this past week... That's still so weird [and] going to take some a minute to get used to."

When Serena and Joe announced their marriage on Instagram, they shared how they're still planning a big wedding for their family and friends to attend in September 2023.

And Joe confirmed in the YouTube video, "The wedding is going to be in the U.S."

Serena and Joe are thinking about tying the knot -- again -- in either Charleston, Nashville, or Austin. Their wedding will therefore take place in South Carolina, Tennessee or Texas.

"We picked a wedding planner and we're gonna vlog the entire experience [on our YouTube channel]," Joe shared.

Serena later added, "We want people to have a really good time, us included. We want it to be, like, fun and [a] great energy and really enjoyable for everyone to be there."


In addition, Serena said there will be no bridal party -- other than a best man, Joe's brother, and a maid of honor, her sister -- she plans to go wedding dress shopping in November in Toronto with her mom and sister.

And until their wedding takes place, Serena will remain a Pitt. She and Joe confirmed Serena won't be changing her name until after their 2023 nuptials.

During the latest episode of Joe's "Click Bait with Bachelor Nation" podcast, Joe asked Serena how she'd feel about having twins or triplets considering they run in his family.

Serena admitted she'd only like to have one baby at a time, but it's clear she and her new husband plan to expand their family in the near future.

The Bachelor in Paradise 7 finale, which featured Joe's marriage proposal to Serena, aired in October 2021.

Serena told Us Weekly in September that she and Joe hadn't started planning their wedding yet.

"We have to be a little flexible in terms of venues and such and what's available," Serena told Us. "But we would love to get married next September. We definitely wanna get married next year."

Serena, who confirmed the couple wouldn't be traveling abroad for a destination wedding, also revealed that she and Joe would be open to "maybe August or October" in 2023 as well and they were already looking into a wedding planner.

Serena admitted at the time she was "very overwhelmed by the planning process" but felt ready to dive in.

"Joe will start off saying, 'Whatever you want,' but he is an opinionated guy. He has a vision for the wedding, for sure," Serena shared in September.

"I think it's actually gonna be very 50/50. I want it to feel like our wedding, not my wedding. And if anything, I would say he's probably more opinionated than I am about this stuff... It'll be a team effort."

As far as her wedding gown goes, Serena said she doesn't have a dream dress in mind.

"I think once we see the venue and where we pick to get married, I'll be able to start envisioning a mood board for the dress and the hair and the makeup," Serena explained.

"But I don't wanna, like, look or feel like anyone else on that day. You know, I love my neutral, glowy bronzed makeup and that's probably what I'm gonna do on my wedding day even though that's what I do every day because that's what I love."


She added, "For my wedding dress, I want it to be comfortable. If I have to wear it all night, I want to be comfortable in it."

Serena and her fiance celebrated their engagement party in July 2022, and that's when their parents met each other.

Serena and Joe believe they established a strong relationship foundation while filming Bachelor in Paradise.

Serena, for instance, never let the fact Joe's ex-girlfriend of nearly two years, Kendall Long, was on the beach get in the way of her connection with Joe.

Serena kept her eye on the prize, avoided jealousy, and trusted Joe as Kendall sought closure.

Looking back on Joe's marriage proposal, Serena previously told Becca Kufrin on her "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast how she was in "complete shock" by Joe's decision to propose marriage on the show.

"The logical thing to do would be like, 'This is crazy. This is so fast, let's just do the step-by-step thing and get engaged down the line,'" Serena explained at the time.

"I was so emotional when he got down on one knee and I was so excited to say 'yes.' I was obviously in complete shock but I knew he was the one."

Serena called the moment "beautiful" and insisted she had no regrets about the quick engagement.

Prior to appearing on Bachelor in Paradise 7, Joe got eliminated very early from Becca's season of The Bachelorette and met Kendall on Season 5 of Paradise.

Despite being happy and in love, Joe and Kendall broke up because they couldn't agree on whether to live in Chicago or Kendall's home city of Los Angeles long-term.

Joe gave Los Angeles a chance during and after his stint on Dancing with the Stars in 2018 and wanted to move back to Chicago to be with his friends and family, but Kendall apparently wouldn't even consider relocating and trying out a life in Chicago.

And Serena dumped Matt James on his The Bachelor season that aired in early 2021 after her hometown date.


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