Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal what happens with the love triangle involving Clay Harbor, Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Angela Amezcua on Season 6 and whether Clay ended up with either girl -- and maybe even got engaged -- in the 2019 season's finale.

[Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers Warning: Please stop reading now if you are not interested in learning how Clay's love triangle ended up and whether he chose Nicole over Angela on the 2019 season. This article also reveals whether Clay left Paradise single, dating someone or engaged].


Nicole and Clay's on-screen romance

When Nicole and Clay met on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, Nicole said Clay was hot and the former pro football player definitely seemed to be a "manly-man," which she's into.

But both Nicole and Bibiana Julian were pursuing Clay at the time.

When getting to know Nicole a little better, Clay revealed he never said "I love you" in his last relationship, which lasted for eight months. Clay was referring to Angela, whom he met through their mutual friend Chris Randone.

Clay was more into Nicole than Bibiana, so when he received a Date Card, he asked Nicole out.

But moments before Clay and Nicole's first date, Annaliese Puccini made some waves and felt the need to speak her mind on behalf of her good friend Angela.

Annaliese accused Clay of not being over his ex-girlfriend and said his intentions were not to find love and get engaged in Paradise.

Annaliese wasn't happy Clay was on Paradise because she said Clay had been stringing Angela along and giving her "hope."

Annaliese claimed Clay and Angela had met up in Chicago two weeks prior to the show and had even looked at houses when they were together.


Annaliese also alleged Clay said he wanted to marry Angela but needed to find himself first.

"Jumping into Paradise is not where you find yourself!... I don't think he's here for the right reasons. I don't think he's in it for a relationship," said Annaliese, who admitted she was tired of men not following through on their promises.

When Annaliese confronted Clay, she said he was "crushing" Angela by being on the show. Clay said he and Angela broke up three months previously and had been talking about houses and babies "earlier on" in their relationship.

But Annaliese alleged Clay and Angela had discussed baby names the day before they broke up.

Clay told Annaliese that she was very misinformed and should focus on herself and her own relationships.

Clay wasn't going to let Annaliese affect his date with Nicole, and he insisted he had moved on from Angela.

Clay told the cameras he was ready to "get back out there" in the dating game, even though his breakup with Angela had been hard.

"At this point in my life, I'm ready to find the person I'm meant to be with," Clay said.

For their date, Nicole and Clay went to a carnival with donkeys, games, lights and more. The couple danced to the music of a local band, and Clay said he thought Nicole was so much fun and gorgeous.

Clay talked to Nicole about how he found it "hard" at times to be away from Angela but he was totally over the relationship and believed they just weren't a perfect match.


The couple kissed and watched fireworks together on their first date, and Clay quickly determined he and Nicole had "a special connection" and it had been a long time since he was so excited about someone.

Nicole was also on Cloud 9 and said Clay made her feel like she's "the sexiest woman alive."

At the season's first Rose Ceremony, Clay gave his rose to Nicole.

But then Jordan Kimball arrived in Paradise and asked Nicole out, and she accepted with hesitation.

Nicole hoped Clay would realize she's "a hot commodity." She felt like the Bachelorette in Paradise and didn't mind playing a little "hard to get."

Clay found it difficult to watch Nicole go on a date with a different guy, but he felt confident in their connection and what they had.

"Obviously it sucks. It's tough. I'm starting to develop real feelings for this woman. Real feelings. I don't think I've had feelings evolve this fast ever, and now I'm in a situation where I could end up heartbroken," Clay vented to the cameras.

Nicole and Jordan had a great time on their ziplining date, but when they returned to the beach, Nicole fell back into Clay's arms and assured him there was "no comparison" between the two guys.

Clay realized Nicole was exactly who he wanted, and when she was gone, he really missed hanging out with her.


As a result, Clay and Nicole picked up right where they had left off, and he determined he wanted to be exclusive with her going forward.

"That's a testament to Paradise can work and this process is special," Tayshia Adams said of Nicole and Clay's unexpected romance.

But Nicole and Clay's "intense" relationship, according to Nicole, was really tested once Christian Estrada -- a suave, smooth-talking model and former semi-pro soccer player -- stepped onto the beach.

Christian told Nicole he was on the show for love and he was on the show for her, and so he asked her out on a date.

There was a clear spark between Nicole and Christian immediately, but Tayshia pointed out Clay was the total package -- a good and successful guy with a good heart -- and she hoped Nicole appreciated that.

Nicole accepted Christian's date invitation and Clay didn't know what to think. Clay thought Nicole would have turned down the date since he was developing strong feelings for her, and he began to worry he was going to lose her.

Clay admitted to his friends it was tough to see Nicole leave with another guy and it felt like a knife to the heart. Clay wasn't interested in pursuing other relationships because he's "a one-woman man," but Nicole was incredibly attracted to Christian.

On their jet-skiing date, Nicole said Christian made her feel like they were boyfriend and girlfriend already. The couple had some passionate makeout sessions, and Nicole said she was taken with Christian's charm, confidence and aggressive approach to dating.


Nicole, in fact, had been wishing Clay would be more aggressive. Nicole feared Clay was "too passive" for her because she' into a man who is assertive and can surprise her.

Clay therefore decided he would fight for Nicole, and his attempts resulted in a couple of heated conversations between Clay and Christian as they both attempted to pursue her.

When Clay failed to steal Nicole away from a little date Christian had planned for her before the second Rose Ceremony, Clay's friend Jordan decided to take matters into his own hands by trying to rip down Christian's pinata and ruin the date.

Jordan and Christian ended up brawling on the beach, and their physical altercation got them both kicked off the show.

That meant Clay and Nicole could resume their romance without distractions. Nicole gave Clay her rose at the second Rose Ceremony, and then the pair continued to get to know each other and grow closer.

Nicole appreciated Clay more than ever and apologized for sticking him in the middle of two "unpredictable, wild men."

Nicole felt she could always rely on Clay, and then Clay confirmed how interested he was in her and how badly he wanted to see things through.

Clay therefore gave his rose to Nicole at the season's third Rose Ceremony.

Tayshia called Nicole and Clay the strongest couple in Paradise, but then the Paradise cast was invited to attend Chris and Krystal Nielson's wedding -- and Clay knew Angela would be there, serving as a bridesmaid.

Clay and Angela reunited at Chris and Krystal's wedding

Clay knew it would be difficult to see Angela again, and while he didn't want the reunion to affect his serious relationship with Nicole Lopez-Alvar, he couldn't predict how he was going to handle the situation. Clay also didn't like the idea of rubbing his romance with Nicole in Angela's face.

After Chris and Krystal's wedding ceremony, the bride and groom asked only a portion of the Bachelor in Paradise cast to join them for the afterparty/reception. Clay was one of those people, but Nicole was not invited.


Nicole -- who admitted she hated Clay's ex -- worried Angela would try to win Clay back that night. She felt Angela had everything to do with Clay being invited to the afterparty without a date.

At the afterparty, however, Angela seemed to be hitting it off with Chase McNary from JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette. Clay was feeding Angela wedding cake, and the intimate scene affected Clay.

Clay then asked Angela to sit down for a chat, but he wasn't sure she'd even want to talk to him since the last time they had spoken was their breakup.

Clay told Angela guys had been asking him if it was okay  they could talk to her, and he confessed it was difficult to see and he still cared about her a lot. Clay told Angela she is special to him and a sweetheart.

Angela didn't understand how he could be ready to date in Paradise after their relationship ended not long ago, and Clay acknowledged his stint on the show was "selfish" and he was sorry.

"You said you needed to figure things out, you needed to be alone, and you needed to find yourself," Angela said.

Clay explained he had been focused on getting on an NFL team roster, but when that didn't happen, he started to think about what he's doing for the rest of his life "and starting anew, almost."

Angela said all she wanted for Clay was to see him happy, and he expressed again how he cared about her a lot -- as Tayshia watched from a distance.

Clay returned to Paradise after talking with Angela at the wedding

Once Clay returned to the beach, he was shown telling Mike Johnson his breakup with Angela was really tough. He said he never cried much in his life but shed a lot of tears over her.

Tayshia thought Clay was an amazing guy, but she thought he had faltered during his conversation with Angela at the wedding. Tayshia said Clay's actions showed he was still interested in his previous relationship and he chose Angela over Nicole the previous night.

Tayshia therefore advised Nicole to talk to Clay and get some answers. Nicole worried he wasn't 100 percent over Angela, but when she talked to him, Clay was open and honest about his prior conversation with Angela.

Clay said Angela felt like he had led her on in their relationship and she had reached out in attempt to get back together a couple of times.

Clay told Nicole that Angela was special to him, and the former pro football player admitted to cameras his feelings for Angela couldn't be turned off or on like a light switch.

However, Clay asked Nicole not to worry about his past with Angela at all.

"If Clay were to even consider going back to his ex, I'd be so hurt," Nicole told the cameras.

But Tayshia felt if Angela was to enter Paradise, Clay and Nicole wouldn't be together anymore. And with that being said, Angela stepped foot in Paradise with a Date Card in hand.


What happens next between Clay and his two love interests, Nicole and Angela?

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Matt Donald and Luke Stone from Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette arrive in Paradise next, and then Chase won't be far behind them.

Carbone says Nicole did not want to go on a date with any of the new guys and Clay chose to stick it out with Nicole.

As a result, Angela reportedly asked Mike out on a date.

Carbone didn't release many details about Angela and Clay's interactions in Mexico, but Angela allegedly moved on from Mike and went on another date with Chase once he showed up to Paradise.

At the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season, Nicole gave her rose to Clay and Angela offered her rose to Chase.

Angela and Clay apparently never reunited or revisited their relationship after she arrived in Paradise.

Prior to the fifth Rose Ceremony of Bachelor in Paradise's sixth season, Revian Chang and Bri Barnes reportedly joined the scene, with Whitney Fransway arriving a little later.

"There's A LOT that goes down this episode because it's the last Rose Ceremony before the remaining couples have to decide whether to split or stay together and take the overnight date, so a lot of people eventually get weeded out/sent home," Carbone teased in his July 23 spoiler blog posting.

But Clay still reportedly opted to give his rose to Nicole and continue their relationship in Paradise. As for Angela, Chase reportedly offered her a rose at the fifth Rose Ceremony of Season 6.

Angela therefore apparently stayed out of Clay's lane in pursuing a romance with Chase.

However, Carbone reported "Chase and Angela broke things off" before the couples were given an opportunity to solidify their relationships and enjoy overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

"I believe Chase ended it," Carbone wrote in his July 23 posting.


Did Clay and Nicole end up together or did they split?

Clay and Nicole were reportedly one of four couples to enjoy an overnight Fantasy Suite date in Mexico.

However, the pair apparently did not grow closer that night. Instead, Nicole allegedly became frustrated with the man she had committed herself to.

"On 'Decision Day,' Nicole breaks up with Clay because he won't tell her he's in love with her," Carbone wrote in his blog posting.

Clay also reportedly did not want to propose to Nicole, and so she dumped him and they left the show broken up.

According to online spoilers from audience members who attended this week's filming of the Bachelor in Paradise reunion that will air on ABC in September, the reunion will feature Clay and Nicole confirming they have not reunited since the season concluded filming in June, and Clay is also not back with Angela.

Although Nicole and Clay did not survive Paradise, the three other couples who had overnight dates all reportedly got engaged! To find out which couples got engaged during the finale, click here.


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