Bachelor in Paradise sent Joe Bailey packing and welcomed newcomers Chris Bukowski and Chelsie Webster during Sunday night's broadcast of the ABC reality dating series.

The episode began with Joe talking about Samantha Steffen, saying it was unfair, immature and dumb of her to have to go on a date with Justin Reich to test her feelings for him. But Samantha ended up telling Joe that she didn't really feel right about going on a date with another man considering she kept thinking about him all night.

Joe apologized for being a smart ass, and it quickly became clear to all the bachelors and bachelorettes that Samantha had a spell on Joe because she was so gorgeous and out of his league. Joe was thrilled Samantha decided to turn down a date with Justin. Justin was shocked Samantha rejected his invitation. She told Justin that he deserved a date with someone who could give him her complete attention.

Justin then asked Amber James on his date. Amber took advantage of the opportunity because she wanted to make Dan Cox jealous and have him miss her while she was gone.

Chris Bukowski then stepped into Paradise. Chris Harrison joked that maybe the fifth time would be the charm for him to find love. He previously appeared on Emily Maynard and Andi Dorfman's seasons of The Bachelorette as well as Bachelor Pad 3 and the first edition of Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris B. wasn't afraid to mix things up because he got pleasure out of that. He told the cameras he was "coming in hot." Once he arrived at the villa, Tanner Tolbert called him a "Bachelor legend," and Joshua Albers was impressed with how many times he had appeared on The Bachelor franchise. Tanner thought he was going to be tough competition.

Meanwhile, Justin and Amber salsa danced on their date. Although Amber planned to only make a good friend in Justin, things got steamy fast and the pair madeout during their lesson. Justin said Amber's hips were hypnotizing. Amber had an amazing time with Justin and became confused about her relationship with Dan. After kissing Justin again in the ocean, Amber started to worry she had made a mistake.

Back at the villa, Chris B. was most interested in dating Tenley Molzahn. However, he got really drunk all day and got labeled "douchey" and "a toolbag" from some of the guys. Tanner said he was making a fool out of himself.

Once Amber returned from her date, she talked to Dan and admitted she thought of him throughout the day. But Dan didn't give her the reaction she was hoping for.

In fact, Dan confessed he didn't feel much of a connection with her, that he wanted her to pursue other relationships in Paradise. Dan didn't worry about Amber while she was on her date with Justin, which made him realize he didn't care all that much about whether she was going to crush on someone else.

Amber was taken aback and confused by the fact Dan felt he had to force things between them. Even though he would've gotten her rose, Dan said it was the right thing to do to break up with her and not lead her on. Amber was hurt but thankful for Dan's honesty. Still, she felt like an idiot and regretted going out with Justin.

Chris B. then asked Tenley to go for a walk. He admitted that she was the only person he'd like to take out on a date. Tenley said she just wanted to be friends, but Chris B. wasn't having it. The pair went back and forth for a bit until Chris B. finally realized Tenley had no desire to get to know him in a romantic way.

Tenley was invested in Joshua at this point, so Chris B. had no choice other than to accept that. Joshua then got up the nerve to ask Chris if he could use his date card to take Tenley out. Chris kindly passed up the date and figured he was going home at the next Rose Ceremony.

For their date, Joshua and Tenley explored the streets of Guadalajara and tried many new foods under the guidance of a well-known chef. She felt Joshua adored her. The couple then enjoyed a great meal as well as a horse and carriage ride. Tenley said Joshua has a big heart, and he told the cameras he cared more about Tenley than any other girl he's dated in his life.

Meanwhile, Dan said in a confessional that he only saw himself with Samantha. She was the only person he was extremely attracted to and they had some great conversation.

Prior to the next Rose Ceremony, Justin, Dan and Jared Haibon were the guys on the chopping block. One guy was going to be eliminated.

Ashley Iaconetti knew Jared was closed off when it came to starting a future with her, but she just couldn't let him go. Because she has trouble talking to guys, especially about her feelings, she gave Jared a long letter to read. Ashley I. noted she'd receive a second chance from Jared or some closure thanks to that letter.

Amber was unsure whom to hand her rose to, although she confessed it would be possible to see Justin as more than a friend. She also found herself "intrigued" by Jared. Amber told Jared she thought he was funny and considered giving him her rose. Jared seemed onboard with the idea of getting to know her better.

Amber then warned Ashley I. she had plans to pursue Jared. Amber said she didn't necessarily like Jared; She was just curious about him. Ashley I. felt emotionally overwhelmed. She wanted Jared to like her more than she's ever desired a guy to like her before.

As for Dan, he hated watching Samantha get cozy with Joe. He noted it was like "pouring generic ketchup all over filet mignon," which he found "offensive" and just plain gross. Dan liked Samantha a lot, but Juelia Kinney didn't understand why. Juelia thought Samantha was manipulative and insincere.

Dan then tried his best to win Samantha over -- or at least get her to dump Joe. Samantha called it "love at first sight," but Dan said he didn't want to see her end up with "the bad guy." Dan explained Joe was living a lie and not being himself because he didn't want to lose her. Dan said Joe treated Juelia terribly, and if she picked him, she'd probably end up in "a very destructive situation."

Joe didn't want Dan to ruin things for him, so he stole Samantha away mid-conversation for a quick kiss. Once Samantha returned to Dan, he just kept bashing Joe. Dan insisted Joe was fake and she'd hate watching back his behavior on Bachelor in Paradise. Samantha felt very conflicted.

At the Rose Ceremony, Carly gave her rose to Kirk DeWindt, and Jade Roper offered her rose to Tanner. Both couples appeared to be thriving in Paradise and growing closer every day. Tenley gave her rose to Joshua and then Juelia handed her rose to Mikey. Ashley Salter gave her rose to Nick Peterson, followed by Ashley I., who gave Jared her rose.

Amber then asked Justin if he'd accept her rose. However, she told the cameras she was fine with Justin exploring his other options in Paradise. Although Joe finally felt confident because the drama was over, Samantha shockingly gave her rose to Dan.

Joe's elimination came as a shock to everyone. Samantha told the cameras it became clear to her that Joe was a villain and she didn't want to deal with drama anymore. Tanner called Samantha "the devil" and blamed her for backstabbing Joe.

Joe confronted Samantha about her decision. He said he had treated her like a princess and never gave her a reason to think he wasn't a good guy. Samantha explained no one was happy for them as a couple because he had treated Juelia so badly.

But Carly, Juelia, Joe and mostly everyone in Paradise agreed Samantha needed to accept responsibility for some of the drama because she had asked Joe to do whatever it takes to get a rose so they could meet in Mexico.

On his way out, Joe said in his exit interview Paradise was filled with "sneaky and cutthroat individuals." He called Dan a weasel and said if they ever ran into one another out somewhere, an altercation would definitely happen. Joe also said he wished he had "f-cked Samantha's brains out."

Samantha then addressed the group, insisting she had done no plotting nor did she have any ulterior motive. She said she came on the show for love and "random text messages" exchanged with Joe prior to the show pretty much meant nothing.

Tanner admitted people were starting to feel bad for Joe although he had wronged Juelia. Tanner thought Samantha was just "a puppetmaster" pulling the strings of guys under her spell. While Samantha was apologizing to the entire cast, Jared pointed out she had made mistakes as well that she needed to own.

Ashley S. asked Samantha if she had spoken with Dan before the show filmed as well, and Samantha said, "No." Ashley S. was struck by Samantha's beauty but called her "a dead bird." No one really understood what was going through her mind.

Samantha ran off crying and Dan, of course, came to her rescue, offering comfort and support. Dan truly believed Samantha deserved better than Joe and there was potential for them to form something special. Dan only saw himself with Samantha.

The broadcast concluded with Chelsie from Juan Pablo Galavis' season of The Bachelor entering Paradise. Carly tried to work her magic and convince Chelsie to ask out Dan. Carly hoped Dan would gain feelings for Chelsie and then no longer want Samantha, leaving her roseless and eliminated.